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  1. gasbag and tek suit do not function properly. the gasbag twitches and at a certain altitude it won't fly anymore. the teksuit has the same problem and can't climb above a certain altitude. if you are higher than the limit you will teleport to the maximum altitude as soon as the jetpack or tek pants are activated, which usually causes you to die because you are teleport directly into the mesh. here 2 video links recorded by me to the problem
  2. the linux servers from us can only be updated to version 310.61. at the same time there is a bug in the volcano area with the red stones which drop element shards. the same with other objects like stones etc. These cannot be removed and have no collision. the player can simply walk through them, some bridges are optically there but dinos and players also fall through them. either it is the version difference to the linux servers which should be on 310.62 or the meshupdate has added new bugs.
  3. Please update the linux patch with the last restart we downgrade the server to 307.6 before we had 309.4. we run some linux servers, at the moment is after the last restart and update it is not more possible to connect. client and server have different versions. please update the linux files. mfg ash85
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