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  1. Go on scorched earth and go to the character menu and go to downloaded characters it should be there if no than idk
  2. If this is in single player u can get it back but if not idk then
  3. Ps4 tribe/interview Hi, I would like to join this family because it's going to be my 1st one. Also I can help the tribe by helping/raising/breeding dinos/animals since I really like taking care of creatures. I also really like to help, I dont get angry so easily, and I'm not toxic what so ever. My psn is bluewerewolf9 and I will help the famliy in anyway I can. I'm so sorry If I made this confusing
  4. Dont pm me yet. Interview I rather not say my age. Also my timezone is est and I'm really active but my time is limited like I can play 1-2 hours, I'm looking for a pvp tribe and a pve tribe in different servers. I'm good at taming/being a care taker to a tame, I rather like to stock up meat and food generally for the animals and the tribe. I'm looking forward to joining a tribe because I honestly need help with things here and there. The platform I play on is ps4 and my psn is bluewerewolf9. This is my first time doing this and I honestly hate essays like this so sorry if its messed
  5. I do not know how to prevent this problem from happening but have u tried to back up your data on xbox for ark? So u can continue playing on the same save I dont know alot about xbox and I not sure if it will work like on the ps4
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