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  1. ive been wanting this for a while, id put it on mammoths, goats, and horses as well, that way we can have more moving bases, the options for shops, and possible ideas for sleighs for the deer, and sleds for the wolves (opens up for Iditarod races)
  2. dinos attacking your base will have you constantly keeping your defenses strong, and also give you a chance to level faster in pve or pvp, you could have stronger tamed creatures by the milk buff, and decent crop abilities, also with a stampede ability, it would be excessivly strong as a herd
  3. This is a brilliant idea, because now it becomes a lot cooled than just resource building, and quick level up, but now has the ability to be used by those who enjoy tearing up peoples bases, now this bison, that normally could only be kept in one place, can be used in wars, raids, and trading
  4. i never noticed a problem, i think people are trying to force the pc alpha race when console can totally keep up.
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