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  1. Gen2 919 is a nightmare as well. 72% uptime is really not acceptable. Please find out the root cause of all these crashes and fix it at the sources instead of letting it going on forever. This is really frustrating. The attached image is the downtime of only the last 48 hours! (Time in UTC)
  2. Today my friend and I spend the majority of the time gathering resources. Last week we were able to trade for a high weight Argentavis. This makes gathering resources loads easier. Combined with the x3 gathering from the Evo Event, we were able to gain quite some resources. Over 150k stone, 100k wood, 100k metal, 60k crystal and 30k obsidian. Also spend part of the day feeding the Gacha's hoping to get some loot while listening to some podcasts. Wanted to have some decent armor to transfer to a new server. Or rather an old server; The Island server we played on over a year ago. (Having ou
  3. Yesterday evening we made some preparations to build a small base on Genesis 2 (main base on Crystal Isles). Today we started by making it with some basic utilities (beds, (cryo/)fridge, fabricator, vaults, etc.) Then we went off looking for a Mantis with some decent damage stat. (Useful to do so on Genesis because you can see the wild stats before you choose to tame them.) That was a bit of a struggle because one of the two we captured didn't want to eat the second Deathworm horn, but in the end we ended up with some nice results (both a male and a female). Later we went off farming som
  4. Thankfully we didn't starting building on it, or the damage would be a lot bigger. Context: My friend placed a ceiling right at the top of the ladder of the ocean platform. He wasn't able to jump onto the platform from the ladder and didn't understand why. I wanted to show him it was due to the ceiling on top of it, by removing it. Unfortunately it wasn't the ceiling I selected to demolish.
  5. Logged into into an Ragnarok Official server I've played at over a year ago. We are trying to tame a Mantis, so we were hunting Deathworms for their horns. Useful to have an old survivor there with 64-ish levels to have some base stats. Over the course of the day we gathered 9 Deathworm horns, so with double taming that should be able to allow us to tame two lv 150 Mantises (Manti?). Further more did some usual stuff on Crystal Isles. Empty the Achatina's, imprint the Giga (96% now). Also prepared some stuff so we can build a small base on Genesis 2.
  6. Alright that makes sense. Though IIRC this wasn't the case with the 2X breeding last time (last week? Or the week before that). Is that .ini file the .ini file used by the official servers? (i.e. does that always represent the actual rates?) That's really handy to keep bookmarked.
  7. 2X imprint implies (at least to me) that when imprinting, you gain twice the the imprint bonus (which also is the case). But the interval between imprints is also halved so right now you basically get 4x the imprints you normally get in the same amount of time (whereas the maturation is only 2x as fast). I'm definitely not complaining, but can't recall every seeing this before.
  8. I've noticed that during the current Evolution Event, the interval between imprints have been halved. Is this something new? I've never seen it before. (But I'm only playing for a month and a half after a break of more than a year, so I might have missed a few.) And if this is more common, how often does this approximately happen?
  9. I'm not saying that it should be removed entirely. I very much like those events myself. And I'd be fine with rebalancing the breeding times. But I also like the element of being surprised with something extra every now and then.
  10. No thanks. I prefer it to be a nice bonus. Some pleasant surprise when you wake up/something nice to look forward to. There are non-official servers out there with default multipliers if you like it that way. I don't want to run through things to do too quickly. But you're in luck. There is one going on right now.
  11. A possible filter syntax could be the Lucene Query Syntax. This way you get a lot of freedom on what you are filtering on. For example you can filter on the name of the item, its ID, the category of the items (structure/consumable/etc.), its spoil time, etc. And it is just as easy to construct such a query for those not familiar with it ("stone" or "*st*" are still valid queries), but it allows a lot of versatility. (Posting this in a separate post to allow people to vote on this additional suggestion separately.)
  12. In a game like CS:GO, it is possible to use the console to perform certain actions and to bind those actions to keys. For example bind "f7" "buy vest; buy smokegrenade;" will buy body armor and a smoke grenade if you press the F7 button on your keyboard. Something similar would be (IMHO) quite useful for ARK. (I'm not sure if this will have a negative impact on PvP, hence I mainly propose this for PvE. But it might be useful for PvP as well.) Some specific example where it would be useful: When I'm gathering resources with a dino (an Anky for instance), I generally p
  13. Personally I don't really care for Dodo's. There would probably be better creatures to TEK-ify. Though it wouldn't hurt either. Could be a nice collectors item.
  14. I have played this game (not continuously) since early 2016, but never actually joined this forum. Hi. I mostly play together with a friend of mine. We initially started back in 2016 on a PvP Official server. I don't recall too much of it, but I believe we quit when we were around level 70/80. Then after a few years we started a new adventure around October/November 2019. We initially tried to join another Official PvP server, but due to us being killed repeatedly by other players and the realization that we weren't really interested in engaging in battles ourselves, we decided to switch
  15. Today I mainly continued to work on our building we are going to use for crafting (replicator/smithy/fabricator/chemistry bench etc.) and storage. We recently had enough element to build enough dedicated storages which we are going to place in that room. We really need to finish it because our vaults are bulking out, but due to the double taming/breeding of the past few days, we focused on other things and didn't get to it. It's on top of the water, so the pillars need to go down quitte far. But, finally the floor is finished and part of the walls are standing. Tomorrow we hopefully have
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