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  1. Just remember to have ghilie and repellent
  2. Overrun


    Recommendation Anyone playing on valguero good server that at least doesnt crash alot, ornyou would recommend some other server and map, interested in PVE only
  3. Sorry was not clear i am playing on PVE
  4. why do people? Why do people have bunch of dinos in ther base all the time, like i can not understand when i see someone has like 50 wyverns + some drakes, ph enix and bunch of other dinos all in their base, people we have cryos why not use them, server will work better!!
  5. Well wish they fix it..
  6. Server advice? Valguero So I have started to play on Valguero 525, and honestly server is laging alot and has a few crashes/rollback each day all lasting 15-20min up to half hour server down, so i would like to ask is there any advice will that ever get fixed, people say it is like that for a long time and im thinking to switch the server because i can bring my dinos and base i can build again, any advice where to move to? Feel bad because people are good but no point in tramsfering if every server is like that..
  7. Maybe tell your dad to leave the tribe and then you will be set leader, then you can invite him back as you beaing the leader.
  8. Wish they fixed the servers and then its all good although good update
  9. I also wonder should we use some deinos seen some people use those?
  10. They should be pooping some electronics instead :D
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