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  1. @ChiefJDUB I disagree with your assesment that the mailboxes are 100% fixed. That is not an accurate statement. If it was truly working all the way, we would not need to switch to a Bluetooth device to play a console game. To be considered 100% working, players like myself who don't have Bluetooth keyboards should be able to use the mailbox system like any other interface in the game, using the controller. That would be what I consider 100% working, where I don't have to buy a second device. That's a ridiculous expectation that you would even think that would be acceptable as a long term solution for a video game console. If Microsoft intended us to need a built in keyboard, it would have been provided. While we as a community appreciate your help in attempting to locate and resolve issues, please allow the developers of the game, who have certifications in their fields, to decide when something is working 100%.
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