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  1. I was pretty irritated by the whole experience when I made that last post. However, I do still stand by my advice of purchasing a router outside of COX (perhaps any ISP). This isn't the first time I've been ground to a halt by ISP-issued hardware. This is among my first forays into running a private server however, and the simple fact is by sacrificing some cash on good, in-my-control hardware, this process went just as it should have with even my meager experience: fast. @IanHighlander : Before disconnecting the old router, I did look for NAT settings. I wasn't very surprised to see that there were none. @SylenThunder : I assume you're talking about flashing it to factory? I'm not sure as I've never really had to do that to a router. My solution is definitely one that requires money, and definitely can't be everyone's solution. Perhaps you could make a guide / point to a guide on how to do this?
  2. RESOLVED. I was working with a router supplied by my ISP, COX. As mentioned above, they moved their port forwarding to a website instead of allowing me to make changes within the router itself. Today, I hit my breaking point in trying to fix this issue (thanks, gojinki, for the advice, I did check what you posted) and purchased my own router from their approved list (Arris SBG6950AC2) for $125. After getting this router onto COX's systems, I set up the WiFi and LAN settings to what I had before, then input my port forwarding into the router. I booted up the server (about 5 mins), and LESS THAN 60 SECONDS later, my private ARK server posted to Steam! CONCLUSION: My advice, if you are interested in hosting your own private ARK (or anything) server, NEVER use a router supplied by your ISP. I have had nothing but headaches from the one I was dealing with during this issue, and have never had good experiences making necessary changes to any other router supplied by any other ISP. Buy your own router.
  3. Same PC. No VPN. Firewall has been forwarded with all of Ark's ports, and then with all of Steams generally used ports. I'm also using ARK Server Manager. I unfortunately have COX, which has transferred their port forwarding to a WEB PAGE... (sigh). I have made a DMZ to my computer's IP.
  4. At-Home Private Server Connect Issues I have (I think) a server running on my home computer. I have the relevant ports opened on both Windows and my router (7777, 17015, 17016, TCP and UDP, along with the wide range of ports listed for ARK/Steam). The server is running and has been running for a few hours. Problem: The Steam server window and the ARK server list REFUSE to show it. Battlemetrics sees it running with no problems. The very weird thing (IMHO) is that it shows under the LAN tab on Steam, shows it as up, and allows attempted connection. However, once ARK opens up, ARK throws an connection error. Any help in this matter would be very appreciated. Thanks! -Paladeous ------Edit------ I have attempted manual connection in the Favorites tab with my IP:17015, :17016, and :7777 (just because I'm frustrated), and also with just the IP (no port). Does not show with any of these.
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