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  1. this is normal. they will perish after some days, but you have to pick them up to get new ones. and yes this is realy bad after risking dinos and gear to get a good egg
  2. hast du versucht einen toten fisch zu ihn zu ziehen? wie beim Otter? Die Leiche per E ohne sie zu harvesten, zum Penguin ziehen.
  3. Make Genesis Bog perma night time for Megalosaurus The Bog Biome on Genesis is pretty dark , how about adding some X-Megalosaurus and let them stay awake in this biome. Like in Aberration, and make it work for all Megalosaurus. I realy like this guys and I think they should belong to the Bog biome.
  4. I think they used the destroytribedinos command. F
  5. In my opinion it is difficult to get started in the ocean and with a Megalodon TLC it could be easier to get started and more comfortable. The Plesiosaur need a TLC the most but I dont like it, because it looks bad, I don't like the Plesiosaur at all . This has nothing to do with Wildcard, there is nothing they can do to make a Plesi look good They also should buff the Dunkleosteus. how about more Metal nodes in the ocean?
  6. Show us a screenshot please. Ark my be full of bugs but the visuals are realy great.
  7. how to get the TEK Replicator? I dont know how i get the TEK Replicator because I need ELEMENT to craft it. Do I have to buy it for 200.000 Hexagons? I can't use my shards from the red crystals in the lave biome because I need the replicator to craft... Fabricator: Can now craft the TEK Replicator (TEK Replicator has been removed from Loot Crates in Genesis
  8. WC should make a crowdfunding or selling some kind of skin pack dlc for a high price to get the money they need to fix the issues and getting the people they need for help.
  9. Aberration and scorched earth are my favorites. Genesis is a buggy mess at the moment, but a good looking map with interesting features. You should give genesis a try, AFTER they fixed the bugs
  10. At least this thread is still up and not closed.
  11. On the Island at 50/50 are sometimes floating structures. This is a bug since 2015, and also can happen on other maps. I can't make pictures because I dont pay my server at the moment. Always some generator + some extra. This is the funny bug Sometimes my Argentavis goes for a walk without a reason, but I dont have a date for this bug. Singeplayer ressources and dino spawn and respawn problems since day 1 I think. But your problem with the snails can happen when you tame low level one with a low food stat and they starve I think.<- no
  12. Look at this forum and steam. Do you realy think the devs care? ALso found on reddit some videos from people who die to aimbotters. Two of my favorite Ark streamers also got aimbotted. I have big problem while connecting to my own server thanks to Battleye(the infinitive Battleye instalation loop) but on offical people can cheat how they want. What is Battleye for?
  13. I only have this problem on Servers, Singleplayer works fine for crossbows. But the rifle with the tranq darts have issues with creatures especially with the penguins, even on single player. You can see this in some PVP videos where people randomly shoot at people and give them headshots. Or when they throw bolas.
  14. You can soak Tek-turrets in these Genesis underwater cube-caves, because they will miss you often
  15. weeks ago, i ghost under the vulcano and was surprised how many magmasair falling through the map. it was a never ending stream of magmasaur. Some people complain about fast respawning magmasaur, maybe this is the reason. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994722387/screenshots/ Tested minutes ago on a fresh map (Singleplayer) Nice Dlc BTW
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