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  1. Hello All, I just wanted to pose some questions and/or critiques on things I have observed within Genesis Part 2. I wanted to do this in part to start a discussion or hopefully gain some insight that I am missing. I would like to say that I have 1,200+ hours into the game and I have loved every expansion thus far, and I am currently level 80 on normal settings. This is not meant to be just a complaint thread but I want answers to questions I have as I want to like this expansion. Most of my friends and I have contemplated giving up on this map for the following reasons. Cons
  2. Ya thats weird because it hasnt hatched yet.
  3. Hello all, I would like to remove tek armor from spawning on my survivor on my private server. Is this possible? I know you can remove engrams but this will not likely remove the item from spawning on survivors. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
  4. There's more broken than just surface dmg.
  5. Thank you for the hard work. I noticed some weirdness around it on my private server when I found it. My server is on hiatus until you guys end up finding the issue. Thanks again! The weirdness I noticed that environment lighting or specifically, the darkness that happens when it is 'night', will flicker off when earthquakes happen and it will appear to be daytime during the earthquake. Summary; supposed to be day but dark earthquake happens now light ea
  6. Guys just to clarify this started happening on update 314.3 NOT because of the Halloween event.. I started this thread day of 314.3 then it was merged into a few threads.
  7. Is anyone else noticing light flickering or dark flickering on and off during earthquakes now as well?
  8. I am glad other people are reporting this issue. Hopefully we can get a fix soon. I am pausing my aberration server until fixed.
  9. Hello and thank you for reading. Since patch 314.3 my day night cycle is backwards. It is dark during day hours 6am-6pm and light during dark hours. Please note that I am aware of seasons and these screenshots are taken during the daytime hours of 50/50 season (normal hours). Please halp. Day and night lighting is backwards Flickering between day and night during earthquakes 90/10 day/night will be dark 90% of the time and visa versa. I've created a single player game and it functions as expected, light during daytime hours and dark during nighttime hours.
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