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  1. It’s on a Unofficial server. The problem isn’t the server itself as I am the only one out of everyone on the server that is having this issue. The best I can tell is either A, my ps4 is messed up somehow, or B part of the game is corrupted. The day before yesterday the game seemed to run fine but only for a day and then it’s back to locking up which leads me to believe it’s something in the game rather than my ps4. Last week I reinitialized my ps4 and redownloaded the game, this worked for about two days before I started having the same problems. At various times the game will just lock up. No
  2. Locking For the past several weeks I have been freezing up in game and unable to do anything seemingly at random. Lately it is getting a lot worse to the point I log in and if I try to open any container or do anything at all I freeze up within 30 seconds and can’t do anything. If I stay still everything is fine but once I move or open any sort of inventory I freeze up and have to restart the game
  3. Event colors Since the genesis map came out the Event colors don’t work on any of my gportal servers. Is there a patch in the near future that will fix this?
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