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  1. Never played a game so bad
  2. Not just the missions either. Flying threw the snow biome on a mana and it just kicked me
  3. Its pathetic spending +100 euros on a game that doesnt work! If PS4 cant put up with it why bring it out!
  4. Genesis bug Why do Genesis missions keep chucking me out of the game constantly.. wave ray 64 in ocean biome keeps chucking me out half way threw the race and I'm unable to complete it.
  5. Still isnt working I have 2 element golems 1 ice 1 chalk as you guys say.. took them both to the island and they wont deploy having the raptor pic on them. And also now the crystal wyverns too! Please sort your game out WILDCARD
  6. Hold R3. Same way as starting it but just hold it down. Took me a while
  7. Holding R3 stop the boost if no one has mentioned it.
  8. Meshing You really need to sort this game out. It's hard enough playing pvp without your meshing problems I've lost an anky a managarmr and tons of metal!
  9. How long ago was it released and still no fix? A release of a new map should not affect the settings from saving. I understand having a few bugs in the new map but come on.. And apparently its happend before so surely they know the problem and how to fix it..
  10. This is really annoying now. Cant Wildcard do anything right!? The dlc got released loads later then they said and they still put it out with bugs! I just want to play the game without having to reset setting everytime. I can deal with the rest of the stupid bugs. How long do we have to wait WILDCARD!
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