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  1. Just a wild idea, but from reading posts there and some on steam about some players from China that are spamming servers, could it be a rival company that is wanting to cause trouble?

    One player stated that he asked one of the Chinese why and the response was that they were paid to.

    Why would someone pay individuals to spam and create problems on a server; except to make players angry at the game and then trash the game,   The side effect is affecting the game being bought by other players and trashing the company, in this case WC, to give it a bad name.

    As I stated, it could be just a wild idea, but I can't understand why someone would pay people to sabotage a game except to damage the game and the company.

  2. Tribe size -- how many members is required to make it be a tribe? At the start it will probably be only my son and me and we will be on our own server. We don't know if we will open it up later on for some others to join. I highly doubt that if we would and there would be no raiding or war, but for someone who wanted to build a farm, just raise dinos, take on wild dinos or explore for the fun of playing; he might be willing. I am a social person and he is borderline agoraphobic and has social anxiety. Not that he doesn't enjoy fighting when it is necessary; he does fighting/battles in other games, single and online multi-player, but he knows I'm not into that.
  3. I read in a post somewhere of a person stating that when they moved to play The Center map and changed back to The Island that they had lost off of their work on The Island, what they had on The Center replaced it all. It seems to be so, BUT you can save the file (don't ask me how, I saved the info but don't remember it exactly) to be able to use it on the Island. I was hoping that what was played, created, on The Island would stay there and what was played, created, on The Center would stay on there. it seems not. That doesn't mean there might be a way the developers can fix to let the players keep what they create on both maps. I'm not a developer, so I don't know the mechanics of it all, if it is even possible to be done.
  4. Plannb23 said: Our entire alliance has been having a massive discussion regarding this entire mod project and how it will change the game. Should we move to a new map? Should we stay because everyone else will chase the new map? Will it hit PC first and then hit XBox? Do we wait for them to bring Valhalla? ************************** My two cents would be that there should be enough servers to handle it. Not everyone will want to move to The Center, some won't want to leave their bases, some will see it as a chance to have more servers for the Island game, others to give it time to get some feedback and probably more reasons than I can think of. I can't say that for certain, it is just a guess. Should you move? That would be a personal preference. I think you can play on both islands, so you could check out The Center to see what you think of it. Also, it is much larger, so more room for players to be spread out. I think,, again think, I read somewhere on steam that the creator remarked it was close to 50% bigger than the Ark island. I need to do a search on it, as it is now finished. It is already on PC, I don't know about XBox, when it will come out though. On Valhalla, one of the developers stated that they have not been approached about being part of ARK by WC, however, that doesn't mean, in my opinion, that they can't be asked later. It isn't finished yet and the Center is supposed to be completed except some glitches, which are being worked on.
  5. @TeddyBearOfDeath If you are talking about the release date for ARK, there is a thread that has a link which states that the release date has been delayed (which would be expected, there is no way it will be ready by June) until later. Don't remember the timeline, but I am thinking around Christmas time. Which I would rather it be later and all the planned ideas be finished without bugs and glitches to have people complaining. There will still be people whining about it not being ready by June, there is no pleasing everyone though.
  6. I followed the link from here to Steam and saw this post from Mr. Frank, the developer of The Center map. He was responding to a question from Dragon of Desire about working on the mods. quote "Yes I've basically been hired on and moving onsite to work on this map full time so I will be able to work more directly with the devs to make this map awesome and iron out some of those issues that are a bit unknowns like the dino spawning " end quote So. looks like he came out okay with this deal, getting the recognition he deserves, a paying job doing the work on his creation and I think it was a very smart move on Wildcard to hire him.
  7. I'm making a guess here, but I would say that the developer of The Center map will be receiving some form of payment for his work. The Center belongs to him, so they have to "purchase rights" if they want to use it officially. They both benefit as I am sure that some have heard how small the map is and want a bigger map and seeing the video of The Center map will entice them to buy ARK to have access to both maps. The developer will benefit, not just from any money he will obtain, but the extra recognition of his work. Just a guess on my part.
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