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  1. If evo event doesn't include breeding rate, I don't need evo events.
  2. I don't need any evo event if the breeding rates were x2 as the constant rate just like harvesting etc. I'm not talking about mating interval. Just raising a dino takes way too long. When you go for resources you can be killed by griefer, you can lose stuff and that's good because it's not boring but what's the point of feeding baby dinos in secure base for days? I mean tek wall is a preety interesting wall but bruh..
  3. Shadow cave have preety decent bps for rock drake saddle
  4. It would be nice since Doed can harvest that way.
  5. I have never heared something like that lol
  6. And trying to craft something turns it on if it has gas. Would be awsome.
  7. Will people from epic be able to play on current official servers?
  8. Anyone knows what to expect on 5 years of ark event?
  9. Guess we have to write few posts
  10. NoTek CrossArk6 - (v307.43) PC Hi, I'm new to ARK and I want to play on NoTek CrossArk6 - (v307.43) PC official ARK PVP servers but I'm aware that sometimes servers are getting wiped or just turned off. What can you tell about this cross? Any rumors that is will be changed or wiped? Or new map is beeing added to this cross? I just don't want to waste time on something that is likely going down. Thanks for any information about it.
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