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  1. Fish Tank/Aquarium

    If I might make a suggestion. Contact the creator of the S+ mod and suggest it as a possible variation on his excellent undersea building cubes. Since it's an officially sponsored mod if he wants to and can find a way to make it work it might make it into game that way eventually. Personally I love the idea, but I have no idea if it's even possible without direct developer intervention.
  2. I think GP's point was that the entries need to be concise, no matter how your entry is made. Those judging need to watch/view the entire entry to be fair to all contestants, unless there is a timestamp or link to the specific part that best showcases your build. You need be considerate and understand that they are not just taking the time necessary to view your entry, they need to review all of the entries that are turned in and there are only so many hours they can devote to this. Just use common sense, display common courtesy, and stay within the guidelines for video length and number of images allowed and you'll be fine.
  3. My entry into the ARKvideo contest. The new restrictions in video length caught me a little off guard. So this link is directly to the heart of the video... INTRODUCING THE CLEMENTINE
  4. Feeling utterly defeated

    Actually they said they would make further adjustments if necessary. Their stance would appear to be that further adjustments are not needed at this time. However, let's not derail the thread. Back on topic please.
  5. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    It can be pretty challenging to cross some of the larger and more rugged maps on foot, although the Island still isn't a huge challenge or time sink. Then again, challenge is actually the key draw to a no tame server... the vastly increased difficulty of dealing with adverse terrain and hostile wildlife. Well, at least Jat said he'd be looking into the possibility that some tweaks might be made.
  6. Rescue vehicles

    Aside from the myriad ways this can be exploited, here is perhaps the most basic problem. People have previously suggested making it so that creatures can find their way home again if their rider is killed. While there was a mod out that did indeed allow flyers to do this (Homing Pigeon I believe), there are no mods that can do this for land creatures. The underlying reason is that the navigation and pathfinding AI in the game cannot deal with the issues of getting from point A to point B when dealing with the difficult terrain in ARK. The terrain is far too vast, too varied, and too difficult to implement pathfinding capabilities of this scale in a game with maps that have such varied terrain. Even if the huge amount of developer time was devoted to developing the necessary code, your computer would sit there and churn for several hours to try and determine a proper course. Other games have tried to do similar things (EVE Online for one) and ran into the same issue. In EVE anything more than a few variations in possible course resulted in impractically long wait times for a even modestly complex autopilot course (and they didn't have to worry about countless variations in terrain)... it's a geometric progression in difficulty. For this reason alone your idea isn't really practical. Everything else aside, WC has never been a big fan of developing mechanics that allow players to avoid dealing with important challenges in an automated hands off way.
  7. 3x lvl 150 Gigas Tamed on Day 3. Possible or Cheat?

    Personally, if it were me, I'd keep an eye on his activities with my finger on the record button. Then again, I'm also old and cranky.
  8. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    He also mentioned Plant-X will keep them from catching your raft.
  9. video Virtual Realms: The Ranger Chronicles - Latest Episodes

    INTRODUCING THE CLEMENTINE This video started simply enough. I was going to expand the Long Beach Hatchery and breed some Archaeopteryx color mutations in ARK: Survival Evolved. By the end this video took an unforeseen turn as my plans radically changed. Archaeopteryx means "first wing", which is strangely fitting as we introduce the "Clementine".
  10. I found a secret in the Wyvern trench on Ragnarok

    I have moved this thread to the appropriate section of the forums. Thanks for documenting the bug!
  11. Need more servers?

    Indeed, that's really the whole point to creating them. In truth, the only real fallacy that I can see in that particular rumor is that the DLC was "rushed" due to the lawsuit. The actuality is that SE was released according to its original timetable, on time. It was awkward because the main game wasn't on track with its own timetable, so instead of the SE team having things done shortly after ARK released it ended up being ready ahead of the main game. So do you sit on a finished DLC, or do you do something controversial and release it according to its original timetable? Financial pressures could very well have played an important part in the decision to release it, but that's something we'll never know for certain (nor should we, it's none of our business). So yeah, the phrase "rushed out" really doesn't ring true, while the rest is fairly understandable speculation.
  12. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    Perhaps this is a bit silly, but have you tried dropping honey behind you as it approaches? Honest question.
  13. Game is 20x better on Unofficials, just fyi

    There is a section of the forums dedicated to folks advertising their servers, you might want to check it out. Here is a link to the one for PC. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/90-server-advertisements/
  14. Does the wind turbine work in the island ?

    Hmmm, I thought when "auto on" was enabled your generator cut off automatically when the windmill started supplying power again. Perhaps I was mistaken, I don't normally use them.