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  1. Bone Skins? I do not know whether this is me or not but I cannot spawn ANY dinosaur costumes and I want the bone ones for a taxidermy but I cannot spawn it in:( if there’s any way I could be helped that would be fantastic! much love ~cryo
  2. Bring the SotF dragon spawn command back! So back when I first got the game on my Xbox one(only version I can have) I was able to spawn in the glorious dragon from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and I was actually able to control it and use the attacks properly. It was amazing! But then one day the command just did not work. And since I’m making a zoo for all animals including the Dragon, I want to be able to spawn the tame-able one, I would use the boss dragon but it cannot move or do any attacks correctly it can’t turn it can only move straight forward I have for the longest time wanted the big purple dragon back. It would be absolutely wonderful for the command to be brought back. If at all possible of course, and it would really help me out! If the command is not gone. If there’s any way to help me through this problem that would be fantastic! Much love- Cryo
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