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  1. If your playing the Windows 10 microsoft store version then it because they updated the servers 3/19/20 including the pc servers but for some reason didnt push the update through to the microsoft store version for who knows what reason.
  2. It is gone, the only option is to travel to a another server. That’s a function that can only be used by clusters. This is why I said the functionality has been locked behind a paywall. this screenshot is a random one from online. But it’s exactly what Xbox players see. The downside to this is that the only way cluster servers and still be playable on Xbox, it must be hosted by Nitrado as this is the only way you can host a server and you are given the option. With this “travel to a another server” option, the only servers that load in there are servers hosted by Nit
  3. Bring back “Survivor Upload” or give Genesis owners all prior dlc engrams. Hi, I know I can’t be the only one in this boat but the reasons why the option to upload characters was taken away from dedicated servers are somewhat understandable but the fact that it’s been completely removed is just down right heart breaking. Due to the inability to use engrams on new dlc maps from prior dlc, players are forced to rely on cheats to temporarily get the engrams for 100+ Items from scorched earth, aberration and extinction (I lost count after 110 when trying to see how many blueprints I’d have to ch
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