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  1. Lost Character hello, my problem is still not resolved I come back to you. Help me recover my level 132 character with +300 imprinted cryo please. it's been 3 days now that it is impossible to recover my character I am really disgusted 2 years that I play with it to lose it in a few seconds .. can you intervene on my subject ?! there is no problem with Steam or Psn I have my account which still works but the loss of the character .. Account: Jio_59 Nickname: AnOnYmOuSs Ps: I can attach photos by email if you wish #Lost character
  2. Lost lvl 134 Character hello, I think it is misunderstood sorry I'm French lol I still have my psn account but I lost my character in the Ark game 2 days ago now I would like to recover it because I have a lot of boss done and a lot of dino imprint (a playing time of more than 2 years, the cause of the problem and due to a server transfer (application error) and my character (AnOnYmOuSs) is not found in any of my servers .. can you solve this problem because it comes from your games not from my PSN more I bought your DLC genesis that I can not even play. thank you for your understanding
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