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  1. Every day we get closer to the release and every day I get more excited! Can't wait for this!
  2. I haven't been on my game since a week ago. Based on this I feel my maps will be gone but, I will not be upset about them. I had been wanting to restart but haven't had the heart to let go. I only care about a singular creature I have. My argentavis on my island. If she is gone though. It was her time. She survived more than I thought she would. Hell I took on a giga with her and won. This is severely unfortunate and my deepest condolences to those who lost so much. Edit: I still have everything. Maps, tames and all of it
  3. I am speechless for genesis 2! I will wait forever until it releases! Genesis 1 was great and now 2 is on the way! Damn near Screamed when I saw the poster. Can't Wait!!!
  4. I can barely play 10 minutes without crashing and I just want to play with the new summer items. I ask and request for a fix.
  5. My Game has yet to update on Xbox. Any reason why it hasn't happened yet. I can wait I am just confused because it said at 11 am.
  6. Depending on taming speed modifiers and the level possibly.
  7. On all the maps the engram for the deinonychus Saddle is completely nonexistent. Noticed when I was going to make saddles for my deinonychus. Please fix this you can still get it through the command but, the engram is gone though. Please fix this.
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