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  1. For our dedicated, we see this happen when someone attempts to login and enters an invalid password. If the user doesn't then close and restart ark, the will always get the snapshot9 hang on a successful login.
  2. Ensure that you are not "tracking" a mission when you attempt to grab the glitches. If you are tracking, you will not be able to get them without first untracking the mission.
  3. The issue here is you cannot bring alliance dinos into this... So, bodies is one thing but having to front the dinos to do this is tough.
  4. Dino land mesh issues since last patch? I've had to use admin and ghost under terrain for 4 different dinos of different tribes since the last update (.41). Is this an issue anyone else is having? For instance, one tribes Rex (full grown and has been for some time) was half buried in the ground this morning and wouldn't move at all. Another tribe had their Basilisk buried and wasn't able to unbury, it was greyed out. Another tribe member couldn't even see an unbury option and me as an admin couldn't see it at all above or below the surface. Luckly, we have a modded server and have SS for the
  5. It is easy enough to build a pen under them. The under structure should be built prior to placing the platform though. I did mine as a 16x16 set of foundations with Pillars on top to the top of the water. After, place the platform over that. This is the tough part as you have to get it right the first time when placing.
  6. If you have to clip through terrain to access, it wasn't meant to be. Ark is working to patch all of these types of areas and has done this without warning for some time. Don't build in places that are too good to be true.
  7. Exactly what we are doing. I'm running a small community server and I have a tribe of 1 ... So unclaiming once inside consists of unclaiming specific dinos as I don't have the time before the fight starts to do more...
  8. Adding dino spawns through ini not working correctly We have added bosses from other maps to genesis through the ini using the spawn entries. In doing so, we are being overrun with bosses on multiple locations. Our spawn weight is currently at .0000000005 and out spawn max limit is at .0000000001 You would think this was low and would rarely spawn, however, we have upwards of 9 and 10 bosses spawning in each zone they were set to spawn... reducing further and wiping all wild dinos has no additional effect... We are on linux server
  9. Allow Alliance dinos in Master Controller Every other mission can be done with alliance members. Moeder alliance dinos are ported into the arena. However, we attempted to do the Master Controller and got wrecked when we realized that their dinos did not port in with us. We are having to unclaim their dinos and me having to claim...
  10. No, this was run with my wife and kids and other close friends.
  11. Still an issue... Just lost all my gear as well as everyone else in the quest but 1 person in bog beatdown... 8 out of 9 lost... 2 people out of a Master controller loss yesterday, including me, lost their bag as well.
  12. Yeah, we've attempted that. It seems every glitch is broken for us. There isn't any option no matter how we attempt to look at it,
  13. Glitches broken? Our Dedicated server is currently having an issue where it doesn't seem people can harvest glitches. You see them, but when you walk up to it, there is no E to collect it. Been since the patch yesterday evening.
  14. DC in the ocean biome = Death There is a bug (I believe is a bug) where DC'ing in the Ocean Biome will result in you logging back in to death regardless how long. I have enough Oxygen to stay under roughly 15 minutes without drowning but if I DC and log back in within even a minute, it is immediate death.
  15. v309.42 reverted fixed spawn points again... v309.4 brought with it a fix to spawn points. An example being Bog E spawn actually spawned you at South east. 309.4 fixed this and you actually spawned east. After v309.42 this has reverted back to the original broken spawn points.
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