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  1. bro its not normal and one more problem that when game gets a new update it doesnt delete old files so u keep losing space
  2. ARK FILE SIZE IS RIDICULOUS So when i download ark on steam it seems 50gb, but the thing is on disk it takes about 230 gb space. Yesterday i had to delete ark cuz i had no space for the new update and started downloading again i downloaded ark without dlcs and it was downloading 32gb but it took 102gb on disk, then i had 120gb left so i started downloading all 8 dlcs, on steam it was downloading 16gb but when it finished it took another 100gb from disk space. I dont know if this is normal but i think this is ridiculous if its not normal this needs to be get fixed, now i have to buy another ssd just for ark and its so annoying like the game is 50gb but it takes 230 gb disk space.
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