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  1. ark crash low level fatal error file:f:\build\live312jenkins keep crashing even after validating game integrity
  2. How do i speed up taming without making preferred food Negligible So im playing on an ark server with a few friends. We turned up Tame speeds since we all agree sitting around for 2 hours to tame a moderate level dino is boring and annoying. So from upping tame effectiveness we see that we have no need for Kibble or even mutton/ prime since the taming effectiveness will stay at least 94%. i want to see if there is a way to have the choice of what we use to tame matter while not having to sit around for ever with one dino. maybe turn down taming effectiveness and increase hunger drain?
  3. Crystal wyvern passive taming not working so i was passive taming a crystal wyvern and the first feeding went dine but after the second feed teh taming effectiveness would just go down.until 0 and then start again. any help?
  4. Disappointed in the rigid Linear progression within ARK ARK is a fun game by all means but One major issue i have is the incredibly Rigid progression within the game there are only some areas that are Viable to start in. Not due to player skill but due to the forced availability of recipes through engrams. While its great for leading new players in and giving them ideas on when in their progression is a good time to get certain dinos. But it makes it feel as though you are being stopped and held back rather than allowed to try something different. you cant start in any Winter area s
  5. game crasg lowlevel fatal error im trying to connect to a server and i keep getting this crash
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