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  1. Our first Therizino is always called Benjamin, no matter of the gender. That's what my girl came up with. Also our two Gigas are Herman and Marilyn, named after the two main caracters from The Monsters.
  2. I've been pretty silent since 8/8, that's mostly because of the mass amounts of progress we made. So here goes what happened in about 4 weeks. (there's a tl;dr at the bottom) Last time, I told you we wanted to relocate. We did that and were busy at work day on day off. I got home from my actual work one day and wanted to start on our breeding center. Though even the structures frame was green, I couldn't place them. There's a beacon drop within the perimeter of our chosen place. A real large and pretty flat area of around 20x20 rendered useless. There goes my plan on that build
  3. We mostly went exploring the (new to me) SE map. At some point we stood on the edge of some small crevice. We were on the two low level Raptors, we tamed the other day. T said we could jump over it so I tried. A little run-up, timed the jump, lag and down I went on my Craptor (yes, it's his name). Luckily I could jump off his back in before landing. Here I've been, on a map that I don't know and in a dark and treacherous trench. 'Go left' she said 'I'll catch you at the exit'. I already lost orientation when I arrived at the bottom, so I had no clue where left would be. She's a genius, s
  4. Our unofficial server crashed yet again last Friday. The host decided to keep the server down for good. T and I decided to play on an official SE server until we get server rentals on console. We already had existing characters, so we transferred them to an SE server and met up somewhere on North 2. Or better said, I tried to find her as she already started to build a small thatch hut. Man, it is hot on SE. My water was constantly at zero, no stamina and then comes the first sandstorm. I haven't made it through. Died twice and we had no bed build yet. 'Why didn't you go in th
  5. I love the hand-drawn stuff. --- So we get rentable servers earlier than Ragnarok?
  6. As I said earlier, our unofficial got wiped last week so back to square one. Though, we did pretty well over the weekend. If you've read the post on the last page, I decided to not leave my tribe. Pr left on his own. Friday started off pretty slow as I was on my own, waiting for T to get her bum up and start Ark. I convinced her pretty quickly though. P turned up shorty after that. The last night he got three ascendant fishing rods from one of our admins. We wanted to tame a Quetzal but we had no means to, only primitive rifle and tranq darts. We sat down on hidden lake and di
  7. Apparently I prepared to leave my tribe to start off as a lone ranger. Maybe I'll take P with me, I know him for years and played with him since release. tl;dr I'm sick of being in charge of everyone as the tribe owner plus building is on me all the time. long version P and me, we used to play on an unofficial for about a year (since release of The Center). The server did wipe itself for quite a few times, sure it's annoying. We started new every single time, switching back and forth between The Island and The Center. In the end, the server owner decided to keep the
  8. What an eventful day we had yesterday. First off, logged on pretty early as usual on a Sunday. P was already on what I didn't expect, and surprisingly he hatched pre-incubated Rex eggs for the backup-boss-collection and a few blue Theri mutations, nothing new here. Onto my daily things I always do first. I checked the tribe manager, nothing died - good for once, wanted to fill the throughs - all full. What a busy bee P was this morning, I later found out that he was already on since 4am. As perplex as I was, I probably stood there for 5 minutes not knowing what to do now. Any
  9. Hey man, I know you're hard at work. But could you edit the console patch notes to reflect up to which minor version of the PC updates we got?

  10. @Cymas P didn't die yesterday? That's a common thing to read in your stories, along with you rescuing his Microraptor.
  11. It's 71 post-tame levels (~2.5m XP max). So she would end up as level 274, but that's highly unlikely due to the minuscule amount of progress at the last 5-10 levels. Only thing I truly maxed is a frog, tamed from a 150. Using him in the swamp cave with an ascended saddle is amazing.
  12. Well, my day... it was yesterday, actually. After we managed to get 10 bred Rexes and a few bred Allos to the green ob from herb island, we started the easy Broodmother fight and surprisingly we've won. To our dismay, we found out that we only got 10 element in exchange for two dead Rexes and no more Allos after being tp'd out. We decided to try medium aswell, we had the artifacts ready and just needed a few more talons and teeth. I flew back home to get the artifacts and more Rexes, and my mates stated farming said items. I was back at the ob first and waited for the ot
  13. Check the general forums. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/3-general-discussion/ Keep an eye out whenever @Jat opens up the contents submissions for Community Crunch 79.
  14. Hope they'll do a Mega-Digest-Update soon. There's a lot of pages to go through already.
  15. Welcome everyone. Hope you'll have as much gun as we had for the last couple of months.
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