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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    @Kimsie You can disable 'Default Survivor Items' in the options menu, so you don't spawn with all the skins. Yet, I like the idea of them being craftable instead of given on death. That removes the urge to kill yourself when you want a skin, and also doesn't clutter any inventory in need to keep them somewhere.
  2. First off, I guess you got a typo there and meant 'taming' instead of 'trading'. Secondly, no. There's no explicit setting for effectiveness. The taming effectiveness (TE for further reference) is valued by how much food (and which) a creature will consume while being tamed. Kibble will give a creature (iirc) 130 food back when taming, raw meat only 50. Thus meaning that less food consumed will keep the TE as high as possible. As well as a lower drop rate in TE when using kibble. Given that they will consume 2.5x less food already with your settings, there won't be much of an incentive in using kibble over regular food.
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Would you be able to add a Marshmallow-Man costume for the Rock Elemental? You know, this handsome fella.
  4. Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    Two days only? They should've had it run for at least the last weekend or better the whole upcoming week. Only way to kill one was with a Giga last year, everything else got 90% damage reduction. Hope they learned from their mistakes.
  5. Why no 2x raising?

    @bigfishrob Just to make it clear, you had 6 troughs for 12 Rexes - that's half a trough for each Rex. Not trying to be the grammar guy here, but you literally did what your respondant said.
  6. Why no 2x raising?

    @l4m3r It's not the rates in private servers that will get me, it's the community on officials that keeps me. We are a tribe of two, with two bases on two servers, playing for about 3 month on official PVE. We own to this date 450+ creatures, across both servers, that were either tamed, raised, claimed or traded by our own hands. We have experienced almost everything you can (except raids, but on that later). We raised Rexes for the majority of the one-week-long 3x event on release, we are breeding Jerboa colors just for sale, we are doing bosses each weekend if there's no breeding event. We traded with literally 100s of different people on 100s of servers. Try to advertise this on a private server with 2x breeding. What we are not doing is - raiding someone just to keep them small to not be threat later or for the fun of being OP. We've played on private PVE, PVP and official PVP, but the main problem (we have) is losing our precious time invested. Be it through wiped/unstable servers or some duds doing their best to be the biggest a-hole on 'their' server. We are two grown ups with jobs and families, but without much time. That's why we 'complain' about no events to get bigger instead of rebuilding to get crushed again. Don't you know why the big youtubers run their 4th, 8th or 50th season of ark? Because private servers are stale without anything new happening or someone new joining. That's why they restart every so often. Eventually going for total conversions without going back for vanilla ark. Inbefore you say that there is even grieving on PVE, you're right but on PVP - no one needs an excuse to destroy their neighbor. Sorry for derailing this topic, but I had to (yet again) explain what official PVE is for.
  7. Why no 2x raising?

    I would've also liked some 2x breeding, but we tried to waste some Rexes against the bosses. Though, none died so we don't have to nessecarily breed more. I also would've liked to go on with Jerboa breeding, but that wasn't happening either. Our hopes are high for next weekend, if not we at least have something to do anyways. And yes, we play PVE. Just in case anyone wants to say something about PVE being useless.
  8. Ascension

    Are you sure, you pressed on 'spawn existing character'? Were you still in your tribe when that happened?
  9. Most Creative Dino Names

    Our first Therizino is always called Benjamin, no matter of the gender. That's what my girl came up with. Also our two Gigas are Herman and Marilyn, named after the two main caracters from The Monsters.
  10. If the fence is not in render distance, the (wild) animal isn't either. So no movement at all and nothing should wander through anywhere. This is only applicable if you don't stand right where you could render the animal but be far enough to not render the fence.
  11. How does Auto Decay work?

    I'm confused with the 'auto-decay' and 'demolish' timers. Those can't be the same, cause if it would auto decay - no one would be able to demo anything. Rather think it's something like 12 or 24 hours on top of the demo timer of any given structure.
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I've been pretty silent since 8/8, that's mostly because of the mass amounts of progress we made. So here goes what happened in about 4 weeks. (there's a tl;dr at the bottom) Last time, I told you we wanted to relocate. We did that and were busy at work day on day off. I got home from my actual work one day and wanted to start on our breeding center. Though even the structures frame was green, I couldn't place them. There's a beacon drop within the perimeter of our chosen place. A real large and pretty flat area of around 20x20 rendered useless. There goes my plan on that building. The best part with playing on officials is trading, be it on your own server or through any website. If I remember correctly, T has been the first to acquire something through trades - a black/and green Jerboa. Sounds not like much but ever since, I've been hot on heels to scoure the forums for something worthwhile. It's not that you get that for free, but it's interesting how much fun you can make out of crafting 400 Adobe walls or 30 Stone Behemoth gates, just make it a race to get half of done first. The next weekend she told me, that one of our former admins, on the player dedi server we used to play on, gave their base on SE up in favor to stay on the island. He offered everything including most gear, bps and dinos. We gave away our base, we build on 889, for free and claimed our new-ish-ly acquired base. Taking our precious trades with us and left the rest of 'em for the new owner. Onto more breeding and trading, just on a different server and with more backed up materials to use. Those 2x and 3x events are awesome for breeding and gathering. I don't remember the timeframe on the next paragraph, can't be more than a week I think. Anyways, I got home from work the other day. T had already sent me a message that read 'Hurry, I have a surprise for you!', well I had to take a shower and eat dinner first. Man, have I've been excited to see what the fuzz is about. Once ready, I joined and wanted to know what's going on. Both P and T held their mouthes shut, leaving me even more suffering. Finally T said 'Get to a drop or obelisk and upload yourself' I did that and 'Where do we go?' I asked. I joined the other server and waited for T to pick me up. She's been in the same tribe that we got the base on SE from, and invited me as well. We flew over to their base and she said 'Pick one dino, it's yours. But let me give you a tour first' After touring through their homestead, I had to ask 'So why are we in their tribe now? And why is no one home? What's all that about?' And she said 'Well... this is all ours now, they decided to move off of legacy completely.' I was stunned, first we get a base with ~100 dinos for free and now another one with more than an additional 150?! (tl;dr) Apparently we are 'proud' owner of two bases on two servers with more than 300 animals after just shy over four weeks on official servers.
  13. trouble getting started

    First off, I'd like to advice playing on single player until you know what your doing, like Bacon told you all the up there. Secondly, even if the game doesn't serve you anything on a silver platter, you can figure out how to and what to do. Every level up will unlock new engrams, and those have a description of what they do. Pick and hatchet for harvesting, spear and pike for combat, clothing for armor, structures for building and so on. For me, as a seasoned player, it's easy to give away these tipe. But keep in mind that we all started at some point. Be it a week, a month or two and a half years.
  14. 22 Minutes

    Don't worry, i can feel your pain and I got your point. And there's nothing to disagree with other than your phrasing. But you should've posted that in the 'bugs and support' section instead of the 'general discussion'.
  15. trouble getting started

    The main layout is pictured in the options menu, everything else in their respective sub-menu. You may have to adjust your screen borders to see the top part of your (circle) menu.