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  1. The last sentence maze me reply. If you play on the same console with the same account, your roommate becomes essentially you when launching the game (in single player). So he will be able to help or do whatever you were up to do. When playing on official servers, but still using the same account, make sure he connects to the correct server and he will take over your existing character just like above. If he uses a different account, you can't play on the same single player map as save files are separated by your console. And lastly, if he uses a different account but play on official servers, make sure to join the right server and you would have to meet simultaneously to team up together (form a tribe). But that doesn't work with only one console.
  2. maze

    A bunch of Ideas

    An intersection on the corner of a foundation would make the generator sit on two foundations. But now that I think about it, an intersection on the edge of a foundation would make the generator sit on the center on one single foundation. OP was right, tho corner wasn't the right term to use.
  3. maze

    A bunch of Ideas

    Yes, yes, yes and no. And to explain myself shortly, snapping to the edge of a foundation would result in the generator standing inbetween four foundations instead of on top of one, or crammed into a corner of your building. I use a pretty simple technique to straighten my placeable objects. Craft some wooden ladders and place one on a foundation, climb halfway up and look 45' down, enable orbit camera and there you go. Perfectly aligned with 360' view to place your things.
  4. Stand inbetween a trough and the Dino holding the meat. Transfer all to your inventory, into the trough and back into the Dino. Rinse and repeat, once done you should have what was in your own inventory before with a little bit of spoiled meat to transfer into a chem bench.
  5. maze

    Leading causes of death in ARK?

    Last death was #2 for me. My own Giga raged on me from fall damage and ,while being at 300 stacks, ate me and my complete inventory was gone. I set him to not collect loot. Wise choice for everyone else.
  6. maze

    A good laugh

    Torch BPs are the only reason I open white beacons. Just recently I found an app BP on Ragnarok. Those sell for a reasonably price on our server.
  7. Fortunately, the two servers we used to play on, survived the first batch of legacy-treatment. So we kept in doing what we did. Three month later, we decided to leave legacy behind. We were only three ppl in our tribe all the way along. We initially didn't intend on giving our stuff away, yet someone must've been at our base to not have anything despawn. Though, nothing got claimed. I made a post in these forums to give everything away for free. Surprisingly, no real interest has been in all of that. Another two weeks later, I logged in again just to see that only the metal foundations and our Tek Replicator and Transmitter were left. I asked in global if someone wants the remaining element for free and not even that had any interest. Long story short, we since play on an unofficial highly boosted PVP Server as the merchant (PVE) tribe, trading dinos and gear for everyone else fight with.
  8. Would you consider making the language client-dependent within the search feature? Being on a non-english server, I have to use their language instead of the one that my game/console is set to. That will offer no results on-screen, yet I can 'transfer all' even if I get nothing showing up.
  9. You should suggest #3 in the Ark Digest.
  10. maze

    Please add snap to gates.

    If you don't want to use fence foundations, I'll give you a tip for managing 100% angled placement. Craft a wooden ladder, snap that to any existing foundation, climb up and look about 45' down and jump over it. Make sure you don't touch the mouse and press K (or enable Orbit Cam), and you'll be perfectly aligned with you flooring. Then use Orbit Cam to your advantage spotting any gaps on either side of the gate. I use this technique when placing any odd crafting table, vaults, fridges and whatnot.
  11. That just reminded me of the one episode of Futurama. Hot dogs made from 100% horse fed horse meat.
  12. I like the idea, but that is actually the opposite of what the sickle is doing. It harvests the fiber from berry bushes instead of the berries itself, so that wouldn't make much sense (in development thinking). @EternalUniverse Sounds like Minecraft to me, yet I'm unsure in how much that would fit into Ark.
  13. It's not the building system itself that is flawed in regards to your complaint. It's the player base that just want their personal space to keep other tribes/players off limits. With the current mechanics, (PVE) players have to use pillaring to their 'advantage'. Sure, there are tribes, that will use it to claim masses of land that they don't need. This is what you're describing. Everyone should have the right to build wherever they like. Though you're right, a limit on how far you can go from your main base would be good on paper. But this will also limit you to build any taming pen in the wild if the game decides that you've exceeded 'base range'.
  14. @Kimsie You can disable 'Default Survivor Items' in the options menu, so you don't spawn with all the skins. Yet, I like the idea of them being craftable instead of given on death. That removes the urge to kill yourself when you want a skin, and also doesn't clutter any inventory in need to keep them somewhere.
  15. First off, I guess you got a typo there and meant 'taming' instead of 'trading'. Secondly, no. There's no explicit setting for effectiveness. The taming effectiveness (TE for further reference) is valued by how much food (and which) a creature will consume while being tamed. Kibble will give a creature (iirc) 130 food back when taming, raw meat only 50. Thus meaning that less food consumed will keep the TE as high as possible. As well as a lower drop rate in TE when using kibble. Given that they will consume 2.5x less food already with your settings, there won't be much of an incentive in using kibble over regular food.