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  1. That doesn't matter at all. Can you imagine what a so-called 'mega tribe' with 50+ people will accomplish over three days? Let them start on a Tuesday or let them start on Friday, makes no difference. The only difference is, that you won't keep up with them. No matter how hard you try.
  2. Love, Hate & Rock'n'Roll

    Part XVIII - Afterthoughts It feels weird to continue on this. So if you've read everything above, you'd might get a read on my mind. A lot changed about my perception on life. The last weeks, after I thought I'd concluded this story, were very different. On every occasion that I write a message to her, I'm granted with a one-word-answer or the shortest possible explanation of the question asked. I won't read through the messages (exchanged in the last 5 months) again, just to see if it's been like that all the time. The answers I get is like 'got company' if I ask, if she'll be online later, or 'Friday night' if I'll ask for her next week at work. Might it be her grammar or is she just lazy? Can you even apply to the army if you can't reasonably write your native language to a degree? Or is it just me, expecting too much? I thought this to be the way it was before this all started, but it seems that she tries to avoid me. Whenever she's online, she will follow my chat invites, though everything else looks (to me) that she won't react to anything I do or say. She does, but not the way I'd like to. I might have to talk to P, on how she goes about his messages.
  3. Help my Comic win a contest!

    Oh well, that's sad to hear. As long as you enjoy making them, you'll win for yourself. There's no need to win a price. Same goes for me and my love story (click the link in my signature), didn't end as a happy end but I still enjoyed writing it all down.
  4. Welcome To The New Forum!

    Ah, got it. Do all reactions count as reputation points or is it only the 'heart' icon?
  5. Welcome To The New Forum!

    Looks great. One thing I noticed is, that the old 'Likes' are gone. Still counting on our profiles, but they don't show below the old posts.
  6. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    Exactly. Personal opinion is what makes this a hard decision. There's one distinct problem on top. You can, if you read a review of a big newspaper, assume that this will sum up the general consent of the majority (that put in thousands of hours) or by a single person and a mere hundred hours. That will help the consumer, but won't make him like the product once he bought it on their reviewing opinion. Now I have to be honest. I don't read the good reviews if I want to buy something, I want to know what's wrong with the product. And if I'm ok with the problems, I'll buy it anyways. I know that we go off topic here, but this is one part of the OPs questions.
  7. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    The problem is that you can't explain worth to anyone, other than by its definition. There is no answer to the question 'Will it be worth?'. No one will know if anything will be worth in the future. You could try and convince someone about the 'thing' or they will go ahead and read reviews from third parties. But to their own, they can assume it will be worth. Other than that, you have to pay or experience whatever it is for yourself, to know if it was worth the price or the effort.
  8. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    With over 3000hrs I'd have to say it's worth 60$, but that's me. I knew what the game is about and I knew that it's unfinished (for now). Though I bought Black Ops III for 60$ +Season Pass but only played it for 150hrs and I still had fun for the time spent. After that it went into the shelf never be seen again. Main reason is, I don't have to look for my money as much as others. Sure, there will be people upset by the price (change), but it will be a finished product at release. (We don't live in the 90s anymore, games will still be worked on after release.) tl;dr - That's totally anyone's own perception about worth.
  9. The general consent of this thread is for the unexperienced player. This is why there's trolling in PVP, where alpha tribes or just large tribes try to not have any fear of competition and destroy small tribes ASAP. Same goes for PVE, only difference is that there's is no actual competition, only trolling if you happen to land on a server of sorts. If those trolls would want to play actual PVP, they should go and play on a PVP server. But they won't because they don't want to lose anything (as described in the first paragraph). Not all servers are like that, I know, but many unfortunately. But that is what makes it hard to strive and survive for new players.
  10. Xbox Server Options

    Let me explain the math on imprints. If you set maturation to x15, you'd have to divide the cuddle imprint multiplier by 15 (which is 0.066~). You could also change Baby Imprint Stat Scale Multiplier to x2, then multiply the cuddle imprint multiplier (0.066~*2=0.133~). That makes it that you have to imprint half of the time but get the same results (eg 100% on maturation).
  11. The version you bought will convert into the full game. There's no need to buy it twice, unless you want to own a physical copy.
  12. Doesn't really matter, as long as I have my friends around. It's most likely Monopoly or Poker.
  13. Xbox Scorpio who is buying it

    There's only one word to awnser your question, and it doesn't start with an 'N'. Yoghurt!
  14. Patch v262 incoming!

    Will these fixes make it into the console-patch along with Ragnarok next week, or do you plan an additional update?
  15. Love, Hate & Rock'n'Roll

    Part XVII - Finale It was unexpected for me, she sent a message in our group which said, she'll be around to play some Ark for a few hours. So we played some Ark. After the others left our chat, it was only T and me. I had to confront her again with this story, I know that I'm intrusive and annoying with my persistence on this topic. One last time, we spoke about how this will end, it will end where it started with us back in February. We will still be friends. We will still play games with each other. We will still do what we do. We just won't make it into an actual relationship. It took me a while to realize that she just doesn't want me. Not necessarily me as a person, more so the type of guy that I am. She's too superficial and biased about the men she wants to date. You know, six-pack, big cars and money. As long as she can admit that, I'm fine if this is her reason. Now I have to be biased, but I just hope that she stops falling for them and let them exploit her. That's the end of this story. Where did it lead? Nowhere, we are where we were before. But I learned one crucial lesson - always look forward, nothing will change the past. Everything what happened is written in here, and will endure for the lifetime that Ark has left. A friend once said 'The tide comes and goes, but the water is never gone.'