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  1. It probably got its fathers stats and a mutation of 2 or 3 levels. Did you check the ancestral list?
  2. Totally agree with Troodons and Pegos, more the Pegos, tho. It's super annoying to go and hunt them to get my canteen back and if can't get them they always steal ammo next.
  3. Depending on how many people you take in it. You should sort out follow orders before entering. Have one Rex follow each person and the other Rexes follow first ones and so on, sort of like caravan. Then when you enter have the players move away from each other and the tames should still be following each person and the other ones behind them. Last time we went in on the center we had four peeps with 2 Rexes and an Allo each. Worked like a charm this way. The same goes as well when you're about to exit the arena.
  4. I kind of get what you mean, but we're still talking about PVE, do we? I've never heard that you can destroy anything build and/or tamed, even if it's 'unclaimed'. Or do they count as 'wild animals' in that case? If so they wouldn't count for the tame limit.
  5. L1 and R1 switch between crafting and inventory menus. They could make it though, that only one of those buttons switch back and fourth and the other one is then used to transfer immediately. Might be worth a suggestion in the 'updated ui discussion' thread.
  6. Mutations are totally random. There's no higher chance when inbreeding. That's your choice. If you are on an official server, you could of course tame more for better stats. But it takes quite some time, firstly find more 140-150s and secondly tame them to see if they have higher stats. On top of that everything starts fresh when you have a higher stat or two you want to breed into your existing stock.
  7. Maybe if you need to fly from the snow to herb island and need to go to the bathroom? lol I also edited my post above with a quote of yours.
  8. That's not what they meant. Left shift is 'hold to run', right shift is 'toggle run' so you don't have to hold left shift all the time. What they meant is 'auto run' so you don't have to press anything. Quote by @Pommer id really like to see l2 uses instead of holding x as this takes rather long to transfer stuff. Would also love to be able to use mouse and keyboard but oh well lol --- L2 drops the currently highlighted stack/item.
  9. I have one thing to add here. I don't keep any males that have the same stats that the males I already have, unless they get a better stat along with the old ones. You basically only need one male that will serve all females. (sounds fun, I know) The opposite goes for females. Due to breeding interval limitations it's better to keep females that have stats that you already have, because that's one more female that you could mate for a chance of a 'better baby'. Also, I don't kill any birds unless I have one male and female hatched that have all good stats +more. I did I mistake a few weeks back where I killed all my unwanted males and when I went back into my hatchery, I stood there with 10 females.
  10. Oh, yeah. I thought you meant for gaming in general. For xbox, there is a chatpad adapter that you plug into your controller. Don't know if there is something similar for PS?!
  11. No, you would've had an advantage over everyone using a controller. At least in PVP that is. Also Sony and/or Microsoft would have to approve custom peripherals to be used with their systems. (to avoid cheating, num lock tricks, auto fire, hot key macros and so on)
  12. Sigh, but nonetheless we had some fun times over the last year.
  13. Search Feature not working properly So let me clarify what I mean. I used to play on a player dedicated server located in the UK and everything was fine. Now after v750 the server was wiped due to (probably sloppy coding), err bugs and I looked for a new one. I found a server that is located in Germany. My problem that the search feature doesn't work anymore. Well, it does kind of. I can search in English and I get the results as always but I can't drop/take/transfer anything this way. Though, if I search in German, I won't get the results shown as items but I can take/drop/transfer. I assume this is a client issue. If the host and clients xbox are on the same language setting everything is fine. But as soon as they differ above situation happens.
  14. What does that do? I must've missed that.