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  1. You're right, but a beaver has a weight limit and 'only' 300 slots. For the high end saddles like mosa, bronto and their platform saddles it's impossible to hold onto that much metal. The Tek Replicator is another possibility, but I've found BPs for mosa platform saddles that also exceed the 600 slot limit.
  2. Well, then I guess you should play something that is not in development or is developed by a 'more reliable' team. What you are talking about was not a feature that got ninja'd into the game, it was clearly mentioned in the patch notes and is there for a reason. Demo/claim timers are in the game for ages, if not since they release their product to the public. And if you only placed a few foundations or pillars to claim land, you should've known that they get auto-demo'd. Not to be rude, but ignorance does not protect one from punishment.
  3. It's only the Tek Replicator and the Tek Gloves. Though, you only get 12 element for each fight of both bosses. The Replicator costs 75 element to craft and 1 to have run for 10 minutes. That's your choice, importantly - transfers are broken at the moment. So you would've to start all over if you decide to switch to The Center.
  4. That is not included. They mentioned that they maybe bring that feature to consoles. But I highly doubt that. They'll most likely (if at all) add a mod of those to their official list and we get it this way.
  5. While I agree with the first part (that I cut out), I have yet to say it again. In this part of development, it is a common procedure to add everything planned to the game and then care about minor bugs. They do a great job with fixing what is immediately important, but that is not everyones opinion. For me the game is very well playable, there's nothing major that keeps breaking the game day on day off.
  6. Time will tell, I guess. Mods in general will probably not coming to consoles, but with the latest 'paid mod support program' they launched, we will maybe see some more mods made official. That though, highly depends on the modders themself. They got the money to 'finish' their mod and if they get lucky I suppose, then they might get hired by WC to further develope their product. Same already happened with The Center and P+. I just hope one thing, that they don't leave the modders to their own and we won't see changes for weeks on end. *cough, center boss arena*
  7. Isn't it enabled by default? It would show anything you destroy as well. Anyways, it would be a checkmark on the rules page of your server settings, not an ingame command.
  8. The option is there. Rules page, bottom left - 'enable extra structure prevention volumes'. But alas, it doesn't do anything like so many other setting that broke or didn't work in the first place.
  9. Totally agree, but you shouldn't spell polish with a capital P. ^^
  10. I'm actually glad they pushed it back prior to the 13th. (date-wise in the patch notes) It would've caused more upset people if they heard of it on release date.
  11. Failure Code when unable to place Structures So, what is up with the red failure code that is supposed to show why you can't build at certain spots? I know that we had this on console, but now it's missing for quite some time already. The search feature didn't help me either. (It's not the best anyways) After we finished building the main construct of our base, we suddenly can't place anything around the center of our building. (That's a different issue, tho) Now I like to know the reason for it. Be it structure limit or the range to a beacon drop.
  12. Makes sense, didn't think of that. But you can't learn the engram on the center or transfer Tek stuff and element. Though, you could learn it on the island and spend a ridiculous amount of time killing the bosses on the center.
  13. Use google translate and ask again. I don't know what that mess means.
  14. Why is this? Was anything wrong with that?
  15. I'm curious what the Center Update means. It'll probably not be the Boss Arena overhaul.