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  1. jeah but was thinking you can craft because its writen in wiki cracked around 300 eggs got around 60-70 chibis 3 New ones
  2. Someone Know how this Should work? wiki says if you want the Ferox ( Large ) Chibi you have to get it from Raptor Claus or you can craft it with 25 Bunny Eggs oO? The Chibi-Shapeshifter (Large) can be found in Raptor Claus presents during ARK: Winter Wonderland 4, and crafted with 25 × Bunny Egg during ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 5.
  3. Jeah the Square Players ( Most Chinese and Russians ) ruining our Gameplay because they Crash the Servers with Massbreeding and their Highpings and the EU ppl cant really play on their Servers....Just get a Max Ping or High Ping kick or region Destriction and everything will be fine...you cant really transfer Servers because the chance is there that you lose your Dinos and Imprints because of Perma Crashing and Randomly PVP Flaggs what also means you cant transfer...Just Terrible
  4. Khronnox1

    Ragnarok 211

    Ragnarok 211 cant Join or Transfer my Char to EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok211 since about 24 Hours in Battlemetrics its tagged as Unofficial Server / PVP so i think that is the reason why...but no Response from my Ticket or something and my Dinos begin to Starve and Die...
  5. Dont know what your Problem isnt it Cool to see how all Alpha Tribes killed every Boss in 2 Days on Alpha and Abused every poop and dont get any Punishment or Whipe and now where everything is fixed ( how ever this bugs can come if you normaly test your stuff before go live ) and made more Hard, we normal players are the raptored ones who can go This in a few Months
  6. Wonderfull Event...Crashes our Server every hour and now its bugged and PVP Flagged and we cant transfer back onto it and all Dinos getting poop Imprints thanks to our Chinese Elite Players
  7. has nothing to do with salty its just stupid to build in caves and block spawns for special dinos....just build normal bases like most ppl...isnt that hard...you cant do thinks that are 90% forbidden and wonder yourself like world first problems "what oh no they did the same stuff like in the other caves" so pls
  8. you mean soooo many People are retareded and block karkinos spot and cant read patchnotes ? yes you are right sir dont know What you guys als think...maybe try to turn on your brains?...how can you really think they remove a whole mission there because you build in a cave...90% of all caves are non buildable....and now you think oh no wow pls no, how can this be...pls use your brains...
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