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  1. last night we had the beta tribe take out the alpha and we knew we were next so 15 of us spend 2 and a half hours farming and grinding out rockets, homing rockets and c4 to foundation wipe the beta.
  2. yea this is known, you have to force feed through the baby phase, once they bump to stage 2 you are good to go.
  3. 1. cant harvest dinos, have to drag the dino then drop it to harvest off it. if its a big dino you are SOL. 2. items, especially eggs still fall through foundations. really stinks when you are breeding and you have to destroy a foundation to get your egg. 3. Crops distort through greenhouse roof and into the sky, giant plants! 4. getting stuck in doors after closing them, you have to open the door then move and close the door again. 5. the holes around the map to get under the world on center. people use them to blow bases up from under there. 2 that i know of, ice castle and mid jungle. 6. kill a penguin and they shoot across the ice like a hockey puck, have to chase them down to harvest. 7. no more tool tip stating to as the reason you cannot place an item when its red. 8. chat stops working if it decides to work at all, don't see all communications most the time. 9. Crashing flying over the swamp. No one has built there, nothing but natural items to render and bam! dash board.... RIP wyvern, 2 pteras, and 3 argies.
  4. what made it worse they said they only came for one tribe, and said anyone that helped them would also be wiped..... well we stayed our distance then were wiped. if we would have known they were liars we could have pushed them right off the server before they got to much crap in the server.
  5. that's probally because they are 100% full 99.99% of the time. just keep clicking join and you will eventually get in, took me 15 mins last night to get into center 1.
  6. Dupe glitch still there? My server got wiped by an alliance of tribes from another server over the weekend. They had massive amounts of boxes of chocolates, rockets, turrets, bullets, metal behemoth's, and other things. we managed to thin there dino herd with our breed gigas but we were no match for them and there cheat ways in the end. I thought the dupe glitch was fixed? were boxes of chocolates supposed to go away after the event? its kinda crappy that we got wiped by people exploiting the game. They also used quetz with boxes around them, I though that was fixed to? IT was fun fighting, but crappy they cheated. we will rebuild and track them down.
  7. not sure great question! I don't think ARK will ever be out of EA
  8. Yea Chiabatta Buns is one of the Okay mods, if it were the other one that runs around here you would have been toast after the second post!
  9. your not going to win, this is going to end with a 72 hour ban and all your posts getting "hidden" Trust me I have tried to do what you are and have failed, the admins always win even if wrong, they have power to silence.
  10. No, Yes, id hope so
  11. I was yelling at my monitor telling you to feed them they are going to die. coworker looked at me like I was crazy. did a bunch of testing over the weekend found the higher the weight the baby gets the more health is has and can survive a eat glitch or two if they are not one right after the other, The not eating pause will last between 60-120 health on a troodon baby. so the health will drop 60-120 before the baby will eat again, on troodons one instance of this is okay, but if it happens twice in a row baby is dead. only way to guarantee the babies will live is to sit there and watch them for the 2 hour baby phase and force feed, once they hit juvenile the troodons are fine and can self sustain. found that the going out of render failed and is not reliable. Data was collected from hatching 6 eggs 1 of which was twins.
  12. I low food stat Dino's have a large chance to starve since the devs messed with the breeding. It's a bug that needs fixing. ARB is advanced Rifle Bullets, you must play on primitive or something.
  13. force feed til ltehy are out of baby stage, then fill inventory with meat, force feed again till health is full, then get the heck out of dodge and don't return. if you come back to check meat level repeat process. Make sure you stay away from them if you are not checking on them. for some reason this keeps them alive from my testing. I only went about 10 foundations away and it worked fine. going to raise another few eggs tonight and test it some more.
  14. no warnings or anything, resorted to just deleting posts I see.
  15. you always have to be right don't you?