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  1. pvp Xbox Cluster Ragnarok and Aberration

    consider it done!
  2. 2 Nitrado hosted servers set as a Cluster with NO ADMINS! Servers are hosted with Nitrado, not hosted on a old Xbox One covered in dust in grandmas basement on her AOL DSL internet. Both servers are fresh wipes, Ragnarok was just setup last week and Aberration was started up last night. Both servers are paid up for 90 days and will be renewed for at least 90 more days each. Both servers are hosted within the USA. Servers are 20 person slotted as of right now, if player count gets close to max, we will upgrade to more slots as needed. Now onto the Nitty Gritty info everyone wants to know, Server stats! and server names Join the Discord here: To join the servers go to PC dedicated option and join either: "SmackOT" This is the Ragnarok server. "Working Man Ark" this is the Aberration server. We have setup the servers to allow only dino transfers to and from, we have not been able to confirm transfers work from ragnarok to Aberration yet as we cannot get to an obelisk yet but the settings are set. Be mindful if you transfer a dino that is not on Aberration you may not be able to make a saddle for it if it is not native to the map. Also we ask that you do not transfer flyers into Aberration, we will be doing force kill commands on flying Dinos in Aberration from time to time or if we see one on the map. There are Zero admins on the server, we would like to enjoy the game as much as you, this being said there may be chaos on the server at times. If we do notice it getting to out of hand the ban hammer may come out after a warning. But we would like the server to run like officials. We the server owners work full time and do not have time to grind for hours and hours daily so we wanted to create a server that is balanced for the working persons out there but still leave a challenge to the game. The boosts are by no means Hyper boosted but more of a slight boost. Both servers have the same stats and they are as follows 2x EXP 6x Tame 2x Harvest and the nodes are bumped to 3x health (works out to between 2-3 times gather) 20x hatch 20x mature 1/4 time between dino sexy time. Structure clipping is disabled player and tamed dino stats are increased as follows Player: 4 Health 2 Stamina 2 Torpidity 2 Oxygen 5 Food 5 Water 5 Tempature 4 Weight 2 Melee 2 Speed 6 Fortitude 4 Crafting Tamed Dino: 1.5 Health 1 Stamina 2 Torpidity 2 Oxygen 2 Food 2 Water 2 Tempature 3 Weight 2 Melee 2 Speed 4 Fortitude 1 Crafting
  3. Aberration Nitrado

    still cant update my server to aberration. hope it happens soon, still have 4 hours left here at work though.
  4. Will Aberration be another clown car?

    now I wonder if on my personal server cluster if I can enable transfers to and fro and it will work? if not my tribe mate is gonna be pissed! hes spent the last week finding and taming 150 dinos to bring.
  5. poll: how late abberation will be?

    with the way the player base dropped after official release, I do not think Wildcard can afford to loose anymore players. So it will release today, not at 9am PST but more like 10, and it will be a horrible train wreck just like every other release. But the map will release with a 40GB + update, followed by a mad rush to fix a ton of exploits in the new map.
  6. So aberration got leaked....

    id personally travel to the future to get the winning lotto numbers for a jackpot over 900 million then come back. or figure out the next cool gizmo that will sell billions of units like the stupid fidget spinner and make it first.
  7. Will Aberration be another clown car?

    Easy way around your clown cars, rent a server. That's exactly what I did,.
  8. Cementing past

    Easy as pie if you go to volcano and harvest all the mantis, beetles, centipedes, scorpions and other shelled creatures. can fill a dragon in a matter of 10 mins.
  9. plant x

    ive found a few single spawns here and there on top of the tops of hills and by lakes/ponds

    I play on a dedi and there are next to no dinos on it, though I do not know what the spawn setting is at.
  11. Pay to Play the Perfect Unofficial?

    Id pay a fee to play, id like it at about 2x for most stats then breeding and taming up higher, like 5x. For me I cant really play official, I have 2 kids and a wife and work full time so the only time I get to play is a few hours a night and I really do not want to waste that time taming a level 15 doedic. I will actually most likely purchase a server and set the stats like above when they release hosted servers. id be down to start a cluster with some other people as well.
  12. How's Ragnarok?

    new DLC? I play on a dedicated server and have no issues getting in to Rag. Might want to find a dedicated you like and look around there till new servers are deployed.
  13. Tricks on Leveling up Quickly?

    if its official you can transfer your character from server to server, will never have to level again. Ways I level quick are by either building a base out of thatch then switch it to wood then stone. levels go quick. another option is to tame a high level dino with a knock back attack and find alpha raptors to kill, they wont be able to get close enough to hit you if you time your attacks right.
  14. So what did you do in ARK today?

    last night we had the beta tribe take out the alpha and we knew we were next so 15 of us spend 2 and a half hours farming and grinding out rockets, homing rockets and c4 to foundation wipe the beta.
  15. Breeding bug

    yea this is known, you have to force feed through the baby phase, once they bump to stage 2 you are good to go.