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  1. Well why would I go to third party sites to get information when there is an official forum? Don't you think they should update official things before third party? This is where Wild Card fails.
  2. 5%, ill accept an apology now, thank you.
  3. that's the point I was trying to get across, doesn't matter if you get 15 boxes of 15 mating sessions the next time you try you could get zero. I haven't had coffee today yet, the numbers are amiss in my head.
  4. I had this same thing happen with a jerboa baby. wasn't that big of ma deal to me but others on my server are having no issues. I'm afraid to hatch some of the cool eggs I have now
  5. 5% chance to drop not 10 as you stated. so in theory 1 out of 25 sexy time moments will give you a box. 2 nights go I got 4 in 10 mating sessions but lastnight I got zero after 25 sessions.
  6. Saw a tweet stating only one per tame. so you cant use 2.
  7. cant message you for some reason, I have a server for you to try but wont post it in the thread.
  8. mine was a jerboa, did fine for like 20 min then died.....
  9. Ark is a giant waiting game. everything in it takes time so why wouldnt content take time?
  10. Seems a lot of servers are getting hit by DDOS attacks, was in a trade on another server and the alpha was duping items by DDOS'ing the server. I ended up loosing my fert egg and all my gear (which was crap) but not the point. one would think these servers would have a semi decent firewall with protection for this sort of thing. I guess not.
  11. no more force feed heal for bullet sponges.
  12. Had this same thing happen to me, had mejo's in inventory and dino randomly stopped eating, food went to zero and I watched as it died from starvation in front of me while I spammed buttons trying to add more berries to its already full inventory of berries...
  13. doesn't work for anyone in my tribe or our alliance on official.
  14. this might explain why our beetles stopped producing, this was a common issue in prim plus, after applying levels to they you would have to remove inventory, disable wander, pick up beetle, drop beetle, enable wander, read poop to inventory.
  15. there would be no problems if the staff actually updated notes as they know what is going to make it and what is going to be cut from patches. give people warning before hand and it will leave nothing to complain about. it takes minutes to update a thread or post, case in point it takes you about 33 seconds to read my post, issue a warning and ban me for 24 hours from posting. Why can the WC staff not take that amount of time to edit a post to include or remove items that wont make it?