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  1. Mesh messed up

    With last patch of anti mesh, it ruined abb surface

    cant attach pics due large size, cords 25/65 and 30/65
    many bases got demolished on surface, and our tp as well

  2. 1 minute ago, Castlerock said:

    They cant touch water, I myself only realised it when i placed 100 ac slightly underwater then i noticed they not giving insulation. Had to rebuild them above water.

    If u mean above water, i placed them 1 foundation above water, thats the problem, tested all eggs all are fine, but deino nope.

  3. Non-official ark trading community

    I thought it would be great to make a dedicated ark community for trading only, and i hope it help you to get what you want with best security, note: its pve only for the moment.


    and in discord: Illusion#4331

    Don't hesitate to contact me, note that this is non-official community and not connected to the real ark community.

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