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  1. @Dollieanything new about this? been a year
  2. YadoKURD

    Mesh messed up

    Mesh messed up With last patch of anti mesh, it ruined abb surface cant attach pics due large size, cords 25/65 and 30/65 many bases got demolished on surface, and our tp as well
  3. First of all that the way of "programming" u typed, its meanless, cause lag happens due its own auto save, the lags that are too much.
  4. If u mean above water, i placed them 1 foundation above water, thats the problem, tested all eggs all are fine, but deino nope.
  5. Not even getting 80-90C with 40 ac?? tested, didnt work.
  6. Deinonychus egg incubation bug If a you put a rex egg with 10 air conditioner is ok, but Deinonychus with 20 air conditioner is saying too cold, seriously?
  7. Non-official ark trading community I thought it would be great to make a dedicated ark community for trading only, and i hope it help you to get what you want with best security, note: its pve only for the moment. https://localstrading.xyz and in discord: Illusion#4331 Don't hesitate to contact me, note that this is non-official community and not connected to the real ark community.
  8. Anyone can confirm this is a bug or somrthing?
  9. *Unofficial rates*, we had a 2.5x previous week, but as a lockdown another boost would be cool.
  10. Every day i have time to play, but without breeding its not much fun.
  11. We need some fun with 2x or 3x, we are in lockdown man, too much depression, get your survivors some fun!
  12. We are in lockdown man, bring back 2x, so we can have some fun at least with breeding
  13. Its changed to pvp with password protected server, its still have the error, its a pve server showing as pvp, and battle eye kick me out "query time out"
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