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  1. *Unofficial rates*, we had a 2.5x previous week, but as a lockdown another boost would be cool.
  2. Every day i have time to play, but without breeding its not much fun.
  3. We need some fun with 2x or 3x, we are in lockdown man, too much depression, get your survivors some fun!
  4. We are in lockdown man, bring back 2x, so we can have some fun at least with breeding
  5. Its changed to pvp with password protected server, its still have the error, its a pve server showing as pvp, and battle eye kick me out "query time out"
  6. Ugh, rag pve official 397 not showing in game list and other servers working fine, it been 2 hours like that...
  7. EU-Official-PVE-Ragnarok-397 is down EU-Official-PVE-Ragnarok-397 showing as online while pinging and stuff, but cant even login, not even showing in servers list, and 5 babies are starving rn, its been horrible today, disconnected thousand times.
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