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  1. Okay that makes a lot of sense, especially when I just started using the Awesome Spyglass mod (it tells you what it's base is compared to how many points you put into that stat). That's really helpful! Okay that's new information, I thought the baby would be better for breeding if imprinted but that does make sense I suppose; they're not any different genetically after all Okay! I'll check out the video and come back to you if I need help, but a quick question for reference: Do colors work the same way, kinda? Like is there a chance for having a sudden color shift in the baby or is it always going to be colored like a mixture between the two parents?
  2. How to breed for stats? (For an idiot) Alright so... I made this account just to ask this question: How do I breed for stats? Like I don't understand a lot of the words and wild level up or why it works, basically in the simplest terms: I breed good stat dinos with good stat dinos, and try to get better stat dinos, I think I understand and can fumble my way through that. What I don't seem to be able to wrap my head around is if after you tame a wild dino, and then you level it up, does that make the offspring better? For example, a raptor that was just tamed has 2 speed, and I leveled it up 3 times, so now it has 5 speed. Will the offspring take into account the 3 speed (Total 5) that it got by leveling? Or will it just use the 2 speed it had when I caught it?
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