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  1. I'm impressed ... for once they deliver decent worthy news.... now to execute on it and make it a success
  2. it said fan art and more.... where is the more lol
  3. I second that lol.... this is a mediocre event at best ... for their " big hyped" event .... pretty disappointing launch of it
  4. After waiting after a delay and everyone's anticipation and every event in the past has better breeding rates than this and you announce this big 5 year anniversary event to give us no increase as to where it is now !?!? I understand your servers are struggling with the game to begin with but ... wow what a let down to a huge upset of your community that was expecting breeding boost like the previous events.... what a shame
  5. Lol I agree with you, hes been dragging this time zone thing on for hours so far ... about 3 pages of it now... its non sense .... let's end it and enjoy the event in 5 hours
  6. The raptor should be doable, the carno... that's iffy. As they have a substantial increase of life than raptors... they might out fight you and you could run out of stamina... be cautious, if anything bring multiple dinos to help
  7. Depends on what dino... I wouldnt recommend an alpha rex solo, I was able to take on an alpha carno with a mediocre rex. Be careful as once committed it is really hard to get away from an alpha without a flier. As for levels... over 100 can get difficult depends on your stats.
  8. Same issue on ps4 on valguero 1069.... official server
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