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  1. Yeah this is absolutely irritating. Took me 2 hours to finally capture a ferox and not get killed by him slapping me off the side of the mountain. I get him back to the base and exit to main menu to watch a show with my wife, we start SP back up 30 minutes later and the Ferox is gone. So I cheat, spawn one in and force tame it because no way in hell I want to go capture another after 2 hours of work and it disappearing. The summoned one stayed through my next login, but as soon as he changed back to the tiny version he laid on the ground and vanished. Watched it happen in front of me cause I w
  2. PS4 here as well and experiencing all of the problems listed above and have tried all the suggested solutions too to no success. My wife and I also have the issue of not being able to view the new Genesis engrams without screwing with the engrams filters for 3 minutes on each load. And man I would love for them to fix the spawn rate of those swarms in the bog, or at least allow my turrets to Target and kill them..
  3. Genesis Engrams not appearing Like the title says, none of the additional Engrams that come with Genesis are showing up in my engram list. I've tried selecting and unselecting island, extinction and all of the other DLC engrams to see if it would make the Genesis engrams viewable to no success. Some have suggested unselecting all engrams and then searching names of Genesis engrams manually and them being viewable, that does not fix the problem either. Any help or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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