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  1. That logic doesn't make any sense. Everyone having access to the same overpowered strategy/item/dino doesn't mean its not overpowered. If its the only thing everyone uses for pvp that literally means its overpowered and needing a nerf. After all you can have the snow owls and stegos that you think (and rightfully so) are overpowered. It ruins pvp and crushes the game's balance when one dinosaur is used so much. No one should be able to accomplish all of the things the mana can do on one dino. That's because its not breedable allowing it to be mass produced and continually develop the levels higher. It also doesn't have saddles nor is it the most mobile and evasive dino on the game which can also swim underwater.
  2. Megachelon generator capable of powering turrets miles away. What led to the discovery: I was playing around in creative mode and building on the Megachelon, trying to see how feasible it would be to build an underwater base. I came up with the idea of placing a generator on its back while it was out of the water, turning the generator on and then sinking it down to an underwater turret tower where I would connect cables from its back to the tower. What actually matters: I successfully bridged a connection using a flexible cable (it didn't exactly click them together but it powered a cable connected to a turret.) After seeing this bad ass display I got on the turtle and swam away to see what would happen. The bad thing is (in terms of being a broken pvp mechanic), the turret stayed running despite the turtle being way away from it. When I turned off the turtle generator the turret tower shut down. When I took the turtle back to the surface and turned on the gen, the tower came back up (they were like a 100 blocks away from each other at least.) Difficulty in replicating scenario: I did it twice with no problem or difficulty at all. The third time I did it to take a picture for this post I had more trouble. I learned that it works best when you are bridging two verts with a flexible cable, and that the flexible cable need not ever actually touch the cable that is connected to the turtle, it just needs to be relatively close and actually connected to the cable that leads to the turret.
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