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  1. just checked yesterday and you can now cryo them but transfers are still broken. Atleast we got a response
  2. I agree, giving server owners the option to decide would be a great answer if it is in fact a design choice and not just a bug/un-implimented feature. Would love a response from WC on this just so we are not in the dark. Sent a tweet to Cedric but no response yet.
  3. I haven't tried a cryo pod on the valg golems. Do they suffer from the same thing not being able to go inside?
  4. Cryo'ing Crystal Wyverns and Transfers broken?? Tamed a few crystal wyverns and they are not able to be cryoed or uploaded to the terminal. Cryopod just punches the crystal wyvern and at the terminal they do not show up on the list. Other nearby dinos do tho. Is anyone else having this issue or is this an intended feature? Seems a bit odd if it is but havn't found any info on this.
  5. Hesperornis Eggs and Ferox Has anyone tested the golden eggs on small Feroxes? Does the xp boost count as a small dino and stay when you enlarge it? Couldn't find any information on this.
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