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  1. Could a xbox mod just delete my inventory and leave my armor and hot bar alone? Would fix the issue very fast, xbox gt is Nacromunger and in game character name is ohlawdhecomin on genisis server 1179
  2. Crashing issue I just got a tier 3 loot crate and it is making my game crash to xbox dashboard non stop. I have a rex I just raised and 100% imprinted on my hot bar cryopoded. something from the loot crate is the problem as my tribemate tried to get the rex and dc/d as well. Can someone remove what ever in my inventory that is causing the crash??? I will not lose my rex to this.......
  3. It has nothing clipping into it and yes I am using normal element, I have built pillared on water I think that is the issue I cant drink from my floor but when I walk a large dino it splashes like water is there. I did the same thing in single player and that seems to be the issue. Dose not make sense when you can put tek gens and trans under water and they work fine..... frustrating as I am solo so all I can do to get element is gachas as I do not have a grown giga was gana use this rep to make gens and troughs to help raise them faster
  4. Can not turn on Tek Rep So I have the tek rep unlocked and made it at an ob then went to my base and placed it down. Now I have what I need to make other tek via the rep and it will not let me turn it on it dose not give me the option at all, other tribes let me see if it was something with my character or that rep and I am able to turn on other reps just not the one I placed in my base. Any help on why it wont work? I can provide a video showing where it is placed and that it has the proper element in it to turn it on, hoping to somehow get this fixed or maybe the rep replaced. Was not sur
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