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  1. Looking for new player for our server Just posting this because we are currently looking to increase our server population. We started just over a month ago and we have about 50-75 people already. We host weekly events where we give out prizes, we have a discord, admin shop, friendly admins, friendly tribes, aggressive tribes and there is also alot of action all across the cluster. We have six servers total and we are always rolling out with more slots. If your looking for a new place to call home come check us out the server is called The Ark 10x resources 10x XP pics down below. If you
  2. I got a cluster server we got events every week as well as a slightly boosted server everyone in the community votes there's about 50 people accross the cluster so far we are a month old. Always looking for admins to join up lmk if you and your freind are interested. The server is called: The Ark 10x resources 10x XP we also got an admin shop and tones of awesome tribes.
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