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  1. Got the issue aswell !!!...
  2. HOOVER Skiff disappears after crafting in Replicator Hey Fellas. Yesterday we did the Gamma last final Test and unlocked the new Tek Gramm Hoover Skiff and the Claws. So after that, i went to the Replicator and i made one. But suddenly it disappears...i dont know how...so i did a second one, which disappears aswell. Its not even in my bag or in the Replicator. Any idea for this issue? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey Guys. I got also a big Issue with the Final Test that you can select trough HLN-A. We did so many mission that it would be enough for the Gamma Final Test but as soon we select it, nothing happens. Also a another friend unlocked the Gamma Final Test and i doesnt work for him either. Pretty upset. Dont know what to do. I tells me i need 26 completed missions. But i see some other Streamer/youtubers that need way much more then we do with those 26. Im pretty sure its a big bug.
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