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  1. @Sleiva Thank you so much <3.
  2. Could you upload this file 'SansationBold18.uasset' please
  3. Make tribute/trophies items transferable on official PvE Why not? Like the flags, the rock well trophy, the alpha dinosaur trophies, would it be nice to make these items transferable between maps on official PvE servers, who doesn't have a base on different maps and show off their trophies? or defeat boss of another map but don't have time to farm tribute items, but have more (tribute items) than enough on your main base in other map?, in addition, you would consume the items, the servers would have more users looking for them, making more bosses, unlocking tek tools, it would be more fun and less tedious.
  4. I recommend you wait friend, I just found out that other friends also happened at GenOne642.
  5. Yes friend, 10 players with tek rifles, the master controller never goes down, it floats very high, it seems like some kind of glitch, we activate its damage 9 times, until time is up. We used rex with 100k hp and 2000 dmg, one minute before the time ended, the rex had 50k hp, at the end of the time they were all eliminated without recovering player armor, rex ascending saddles, including tek rifles, etc...
  6. It is totally true, I play in 643 and 608, we tried the master controller in beta and alpha twice and it does not receive any damage.
  7. if I upload a creature it is lost on Genesis I upload a creature to download in another map, but i can't, I can't get it back down in genesis either. I don't know what to do, I don't understand why if you let creatures upload but not download.
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