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  1. Introduction I am an mid-tier player with 198 hours on pc in this game. I want to join a group to have more fun. discord is RedDelicious#3123
  2. Active Player Looking to Join Hello, I am a returning player from the beginning of the game. I have 198 hours played. I am very interested in joining a community of other active players to play this game with. Discord is RedDelicious#3123
  3. Introduction to me plz let me join I just want a tribe so I can actually do anything in this game. I have lots of free time. Discord is RedDelicious#3123
  4. Looking for Tribe Hello, I tried solo when the game came out. Took a break. Now I'm back and I have a lot of free time. Please let me join your tribe. I can play a lot. Discord is RedDelicious#3123
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