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  1. Neither the owner of this clan, nor its leader, have been online in over 6 months. Even if you don't want me, someone that matters from this tribe should post something so people don't think its BS.
  2. Interview 30 years old, level 78, Eastern Standard Time. I can grind resources and tame mounts like a champion regardless of the type(bird, underwater, ect.). I'm looking for strength in numbers and a chance to help build an empire without some ten year old turd that bought a mana online raiding me and costing me my time and effort. I play frequently throughout the week and grind like my life depended on it on the weekends. You will not find another person that will manifest the amount of destiny that I will and help bring the collective glory truly deserving the clan to its namesake. I also barely sleep and if needed could arrange to be on at any time I am not working. I didn't leave my last tribe, I'm the leader. I have 4 total including myself, but they do not play with the intensity or the determination required for us 4 to survive amongst alpha trash out there. Give us a home and allow me to show you the definition of excuses don't build empires. I just got raided again today and am actively searching for a tribe. Lets do this.
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