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  1. Xbox Ragnorak issue... Ragnarok_B1_Far_2 My game has randomly crashed with a black screen or boots me to Xbox main screen. If somebody finds my body and kills me I can reload into the game. IF NOT... I can only load upto the above noted screen on the server loading screen. I have disconnected power cords, and anything else I could find online. My next question is, do I delete the whole game or delete my save file. I can't figure out how to clear the cache on Xbox... I really don't want to delete and re download the game, but I also don't want to lose all my hard work if it isn't in my saved profile. (ascensions) Can anyone offer sound advice? *NOTE* I am on my game under another account and it works fine. So, it is my saved file, any ideas how to fix? Edit: it is no longer working on my son's account either. Argh.
  2. Hi. I have tried to join through discord but it says I need an invite... Can someone please invite me?!
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