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  1. I've thought about that a lot, and it's not because the map is outdated generally, it's because the developers intentionally made a lot of those maps redundant. Firstly, the Center could definitely use a rework. It is an older map however, that is made by the community. Its ground textures are inferior to most other maps, and it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Not to mention, it didn't get any exclusive creatures unlike Ragnarok and Valguero. Scorched Earth as a map is very high quality. Unfortunately, Ragnarok came out, which made the Scorched Earth DLC pointless, as the creatures in Scorched Earth were now on Ragnarok, and obtaining these creatures on Ragnarok is far more convenient and easier. The ARK team obviously noticed this with the release of Valguero, greatly restricting the amount of Aberration creatures that were allowed, in saying that, the arguably most useful Aberration creature, Karkinos, was available on Valguero, which means that in many ways Aberration became redundant as well, but not as much. The Aberration map is again, incredibly well made, high quality, and is far more interesting in my opinion than any other ARK map, including Genesis. I think another reason not many people play Aberration anymore is the stigma associated with "no fliers". People adore their fliers, so much so that they get upset when they can't use them, which is kind of sad, because they make the game incredibly boring and stale. TLDR: Aberration and Scorched are actually pretty good, the Center definitely needs a rework
  2. This location is indeed insanely laggy at the moment, possibly the worst in the whole game. Even on a high end system on PC, which arguably has the best performance in terms of playing ARK, my friends and I still only get around 20 frames at best. I hope this issue gets noticed by the developers. I know saying this game has poor optimization is a dead horse, and ARK is actually fairly reasonably optimized at this stage, this location is not OK. Temporary fix: Put all your settings on low, including your resolution scale, and you might get around 15-20 FPS opposed to what I got on regular settings (8 - not even joking!)
  3. While I haven't personally encountered this glitch, I understand you may not want to spawn in a new Bloodstalker, as your one will of had sentimental value to you Firstly, from what I understand, you tried to Cryopod your Bloodstalker, put it inside the Obelisk item database, went to the Island, and couldn't see it in there? This is not a known bug, a known bug is the following: When transferring a creature in an obelisk via cryopod, there is a chance the retrieved cryopod will display a picture of a raptor and be un-deployable to spite still having the correct name and stats for your creature. What likely happened, which I have done before (but not with a Cryopod), if you place items into the Obelisks inventory, such as for summoning bosses and such, you will notice that when you close your save, the inventory of an Obelisk completely wipes. It is very common for people to drag and drop items into the Obelisk's inventory, opposed to their item database. Unfortunately, this means your Bloodstalker is gone for good You can try checking your inventory, bags around you, for any sign that maybe you didn't even upload the cryopod in the first place, but this is unlikely.
  4. Ferox have a few issues at the moment, hang tight and they'll hopefully be fixed. A friend of mine had his turn invisible when it transformed! He could still interact with its wheel options and access its inventory, but the model was missing.
  5. Have you tried pressing 'C'? If C doesn't work, check to make sure you can use the C abilities of other creatures. If you cant then it is likely your special ability keys have been unbound. Hope this helps!
  6. I could be wrong, but remember when you change your settings before launching your world, you have to launch the world immediately after changing the settings. You are required to load into the world in order for the settings to be saved. You may have noticed that if you change your settings, and then go back to the main menu, they are not saved. I'm not sure if this is your problem but I hope this helps. TLDR: Change settings, launch save, then close game.
  7. Bug with Raptors Raptors have a bug at the moment where if you try to attack and move while riding them, they attack very slowly and slide along the ground. Their movement speed is also decreased during this time. This is not an intended feature, as Raptors that are not being ridden do not have this problem.
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