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  1. Bietrex

    Moved Spawns

    Both of you are very true. The Thing is, is checked my base again and it is actually not even Blocking any Spawns. Next Spawn/tp Point is around 40 Foundations far away. My Turrets are not attacking anyone, and the Base is not on the Mainpath. I also created another Ticket to tell them but like "sjskdjkfa" allready said, the Support is just a joke. They dont care About Problems of Players, dont even looked at my base once cause just wiping it is easier Its completly their Fault, another unpolished dlc with broken spawns in the Beginning. I put around 5 Weeks in my Base and they just say "move it" no refund of any materials, Nothing. I moved my Base now, but in my opinion its still a shame to act like that and Shows they are not interested in their Community. All just Shows me again that the Support for Ark is completly bad and not carring About any Problems.
  2. Bietrex

    Moved Spawns

    Moved Spawns Hello, I builded my Main Base in Genesis. Put a lot of work in it and now a spawn got moved close to it. Support is telling me to move. How is that working ??? Is there just no care About the Community ? I mean Ark is no early Access anymore. How can they just Change Spawns and tell Players to move, when they put a lot of time into their game. Anyone else also got this Problem. I cannot understand it. What can i do to Keep my base ? As i know youre just not allowed to block spawns and put turrets there, both is not the Case so i should be fine Right ? I just asked the Support in generell btw.
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