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  1. They don’t care lol stop trying if it isn’t obvious after all these years then I can’t help ya
  2. They couldn’t tie their shoes with out friggin that up too
  3. Any updates “they said they’re working through the night to fix this “ why do I feel like I’m being lied to? Also why do I feel this is going to take another day or 2?
  4. Lol did any one expect anything less then this ? I mean come on when have they not let down their customers? im still waiting on reply’s to my tickets going on almost 2 years now lmao
  5. Omg black black black black black black black people stop the white guilt please
  6. Ehhh good luck this company helps on rare occasions and only if it’s nothing hard and if they feel like it company is really really bad a support ticket could work but only 5–10% chance they’ll reply and 1% that they’ll actually do something I once waited 8 months
  7. I’m on official I still can’t join and I get unknown error
  8. Outgoing reliable buffer overflow I got this error I’m on console and kicked from server and can’t rejoin. What is this? This happen to any one else?
  9. They’re never clear on these things ever it’s supposed to be ceds job but no offense I know he’s going through tough times right now but ced half asses literally everything
  10. I understand programming may be tough you may have a small company etc etc etc but your company it comes down to 2 options. 1 your programming the hardest game to program to date or 2 your devs are one of the worst in the business ive debated this with a couple of them before everyyyyyyyyyyyyy excuse in the book came out Unreliable incompetent this is whay happens when a company is ran poorly I still blame management
  11. Imagine this company doing their jobs better yet imagine this company pretesting things before releasing it or just listen to the players that actually play the game, I blame management who Evers in charge is not taking charge or doesn’t care about the product they put out if I did this at my job my family wouldn’t eat
  12. Lol rebuild wc said fuk you just like they say to the rest of us ?
  13. Wildcard fails again :( Alright I doNt know who’s in charge over there but holy sheeeeet what did they think wiping tek suits clusters and meks would do? Not 20 minutes later every one had replaced what they lost. What was the point? Waisting weeks of your employees time and your own money that’s not business smart
  14. Lol it’s a good idea but literally every one got them all back first day you need to do this once a week maybe twice to stop the duping
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