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  1. The Ice Titan can almost perma-freeze the corrupted creatures in place for me, I notice that if I leave them the creatures disappear. The results are a mix of outright despawning and reappearing at the original spawns. I've also noticed that with 1 Hostile left, the node will often switch over to the next phase and skip it. Personally I use a fabby Sniper or the Ice Titan's snowball to mulch the slackers at range. As leaving render range of the drop will instantly despawn it.
  2. So I was playing with a Modmap called Valhalla, and was curious to see the size of the map compared to the usual Official repertoire. To do this I spawned a Lystro at the furthest corner of each map, and creative mode flew to the corner of the next edge, taking the distance in Km rounded to the nearest 100m. The Results as follows: Island: 6,800m Crystal Isles: 12,700m Ragnarok: 13,000m Valhalla: 12,800m These values seem rather strange to me (Considering CI is supposed to be larger then Rag?) so I thought I'd share to see if anyone else can explain it. Perhaps the taming list
  3. Love the Ocean platforms and really disagree with the negativity regarding them being useless or wasted. Being able to place a platform is 10x easier then having to pillar/foundation up and looks much cleaner and better. Though I certainly have to admit that they could've at least give us a ceiling or two on the edges, and at least let us go 4-5 walls down to build underwater.
  4. Add this to your game.ini: Afterwards, would probably suggest a dinowipe. Anyone with Tek Gigas either spawned them in some way (like me) or got lucky with a glitch causing them to spawn, as they physically not in the spawn entries and do not legitimately appear. You could however, also easily transfer to the ragnarok map, being on singleplayer, tame yourself some normal gigas and transfer them across back with you with the added benefit that the normal gigas are an actual real tameable creatures supported by the game, rather then a supposed baseline template for the mission varia
  5. Why is it fertilised? Because the spawn code on the wiki is for a fertilised egg. "cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Test/PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Gigant_Fertilized_Bionic.PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Gigant_Fertilized_Bionic" Right there in the code, they don't passively drop fertilised eggs, or at least for certain the 10 tek gigas on unofficial ive had out only dropped fert eggs on mating. As for clarification, comments above supposedly tell say WC has already said the purpose of the non-mission variant was a template, take that as you will. Personally I think they probably
  6. Using ini. codes to spawn them on a genesis server worked fine and they act like normal gigas all things considered. So far my attempts to spawn them anywhere else has ended in utter failure.
  7. I'd figure the people posting the full spawn lists that do not contain the tek giga in that thread will be enough challenge, or evidence itself that proves they are incapable of spawning intendedly. Its likely that a bug ( as if genesis would ever have one of those /s ) caused your giga to spawn despite the spawn entries being entirely devoid of any references to it. Though they are very easy to add to those spawn entries and make quite a nice addition for the mission template its claimed to be.
  8. Just completed Dearly Departed on alpha with my tek giga ( yay unofficial ini spawnchanges ) fully imprinted with 1100% melee ( boosted stats ) and barely survived on 5k hp. I couldn't even imagine how badly it'd could've gone with proper unboosted stats + not having tek gigas via the inichange. If anyone manages an alpha hunt on official servers, I salute you.
  9. Likely unused/future assets for another chronicles-esq event. If WC had intended non-mission tek gigas to be part of Genesis, we'd know by now.
  10. You should cryopod that thing quickly. If my unofficial is anything to go off, tamed tek gigas will despawn on server restarts. Ones in cryopods bug out too, but at least my Juvi I was raising might be salvageable if they ever fix this bug.
  11. Which would entirely be reasonable and viable.. if they didn't have specifically made Tek eggs and instead used the normal giga egg that the source copied from would.
  12. Likely this means they aren't added yet and may be released later on in the same way as the other tek creatures I would assume
  13. The one I had in a cryo has raptor icon'ed and gves "Cannot Deploy: " when you throw it. Dunno if its a not fully released thing, a buggy thing or because I'm using valguero tbh, I've also read the Astrocetus is supposedly to passively make Ambergris, which my Valguero ones do not. I don't have issues with any X-creatures or the Astrocetus despawning like these tek creatures.
  14. I'm pretty confident if that's the truth that they are meant for player use, at least I can't think of any reason to go through the effort to add that functionally for one untameable creature but not others. Normal Tek dinos are 5% chance on spawn, are we sure its not just low odds with the poor number of Giga spawns making them rare? I know TQuetzes are similar. Tyvm, I would've never worked that out by myself, I was one word off with my own version I reverse-engineered off the tek trike one.. Edit: Restarting my valguero server wiped the Tek Trikes/Gigas both forcetamed and
  15. Would love to know where and what codes your using to spawn these gigas in with. Quickest way to find out whether they are meant to be tamed is if they make Tek giga eggs.
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