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  1. Recent testing on ferox breeding. Im one of the main breeders for my tribe on official PVP. Some of you may know me for my autistic obsession with bloodstalkers. Anyways, recently i tried starting a ferox line. I started with a (small form stats) 502hp, 420st, 557% damage male, and a bunch of 0/0 clones with 302hp, 400st, 226 damage. Instantly some inconsistencies came up. I got ferox at 312 hp, 480 hp, and 276 hp. After 40-60 breed babies i have not gotten a single 502 hp ferox. Ferox damage is also extremely inconsistent, almost all of them came out with 300.5% damage. A couple came out with 557 however. But where did 300.5 come from? Second thing i did was morph them all to see if that was inconsistent as well, surprisingly.. it was /s. with 4 identical small ferox, all with 312hp, 400 stamina, and 300.5% damage, here are the results in big form (sorry didnt track these ones stamina). 2x 7.9k hp, 200% damage 1x 8.9khp, 338% damage 1x 9.8k hp, 373% damage What? But it gets weirder. When they got small again, some of the stats changed. Both of the 7.9k hp ferox as well as the 9.8k hp ferox now had 402hp. But the 8.9k hp ferox now has 593hp. One of the 7.9k hp ferox, now has 663% damage, the rest of them reverted back to 300.5%. So i'm thinking breeding ferox is completely useless right now? Am i missing something? All of this testing was done on a Scorched earth server, all ferox were bred on Extinction, male breeder was sourced from genesis before recent ferox patches, female clones were sourced from genesis during easter event for some nice pink colors.
  2. Looking to join Discord: Rayna#3325 26f, played mostly on ps4, have killed brood, monkey, and dragon (not on pc). Just getting back into the game, currently survivor level 66. Mostly like breeding, farming, caving. I do like pvp too.
  3. Discord if needed: Rayna#3325
  4. LF pvp tribe 26f Coming back after a couple year break, used to play on PS4. Mostly played on the center, beat all the bosses. I like to breed, farm, run caves, do bosses, pvp, really everything in the game. Mostly like to sniper in pvp. I work as a software developer on weekdays, so mostly available after 4:30 pm CST.
  5. Looking to join 26f Just started playing again after a couple year break. Previously played on PS4 when the center came out, had all tek engrams unlocked although we admittedly cheesed all the bosses with glitch spots except broodmother. Still remembering everything, looking for a pvp server, not sure how to tell the server by this page. I mostly like to breed dinos and build things, but i do like the pvp aspects. I generally play a sniper playstyle in pvp, and am looking forward to the tek railgun a lot.
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