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  1. Perhaps the dinos you have knocked out are passive tames?
  2. Definitely the ones that annoy me the most are microraptors and purlovias!
  3. Im on PS4 as well, and last night had several encounters with groups of eels on my Basilo and they didnt do any damage to me, only the Basilo
  4. Suggestion for killing a high level Alpha Tuso? I am trying to get an Alpha Tuso eye but on the server I have only found 2 Aplhas Tusos, one is Level 72, the other is Level 100. I have killed lower level Alpha Tusos on other servers but these two are something else. My water dino pen currently contains a two Basilos, Level 90 and Level 107, a Level 162 Mosa and a Level 156 Megalodon. So far I have tried to kill the level 72 Tuso with both Basilos, but every time I peel off to the surface to force feed them back to full health, the Tuso seems to have healed up. Any suggestions as to how to kill these? So far, I have circled the Island 4 or 5 times looking for a high level Basilo but all I find is low levels. I also tried harpooning the Tuso from a safe depth but some quick maths tells me this is going to cost a tonne of resources and time, and also worried that it will heal quicker than I can damage it.
  5. Thanks, 8 hours later and I followed your suggestion and it worked!
  6. The host is Nitrado. I thought it might be due to them updating the servers to the new version, but friends could list the unofficial PC session servers whilst I could not. Finally worked 8 or so hours later. I followed @VladimirMaxwell suggestion and it worked.
  7. No sessions found under Unofficial PC Sessions since today's update My PS4 updated Ark to 546.11 today, and since then there are no servers listed under the "Unofficial PC Sessions" filter, it keeps coming up with "No sessions found". Yet under Official Dedicated Arks it lists all the official servers. Anyone else experiencing this? Its bad enough being under lock down at home, but not being able to get on my own server makes it worse
  8. I second that, taking the Daeodon into the boss fight is not really worth it, unless your Rex army stats are not up to scratch. Yuty however is a must!
  9. Yep, I have also not been pounced by any Raptor for a while on the Island, seems like this has been removed entirely. No issue with Alphas though, they are spawning plentifully!
  10. Yes, since Genesis came out, every time i uncryopod a flyer i cannot ride it even though the "Ride" option is available when looking at the dino.
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