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  2. Meany

    Saber Slalom Time

    I'm glad it's not just me being bad then lol.
  3. Meany

    Saber Slalom Time

    Gotcha, well.. I'll be holding off on even attempting races until they're addressed for PC
  4. Meany

    Saber Slalom Time

    Saber Slalom Time After attempting the BETA mission for Saber Slalom about 8 times, i found it practically impossible to even come close to achieving in the given time frame. After my failed attempts I went on youtube to find videos of other people doing it. On PS4 they're given a whole extra minute, which would actually make this mission achievable. On PC we're given 2:19 to do it, PS4 video showed 3:19. I'm pretty certain 3:19 is the correct time to do that mission by.
  5. Sounds like you have a trash server...... mine's running fine ........ amateurs
  6. While I agree that the map is a lot of fun, it's a bit reckless to say there aren't game breaking bugs currently. Currently there is a heap of game breaking mechanics that need serious attention. several creature spawners are broken missions wiping data invisible attack drones losing creatures to biome teleports unbearable FPS in all biomes Primitive+ servers are still down At first I honestly hated the biome lock, i'm glad to say it's growing on me. I truly think each biome is very special and all very nicely done. The DLC is fun sure, but these bu
  7. Meany

    Ocean Platform Bug

    Have you tried with normal ceilings?
  8. Loading into server and dying in meshes PC ARK Genesis: Non official server. Just about 50% of the time when I load into the server I fall to my death and OR clip through a mesh and can not retrieve my dead body. After going into cheat ghost I was able to locate my corpse and get my items. My log off point was on Arctic NE area. Below is an image of where I actually found my body, hundreds of feet below my base.
  9. Meany

    Beaver Dams & X Otters

    As per reddit: As a result, the following creatures do not spawn ANYWHERE in Genesis on non-dedicated, but show up on dedicated servers: X-Sabertooth Salmon, X-Otter (sort of?), Karkinos, Castoroides, Lamprey, Leech, Piranha, Kapro, Sarco, Baryonyx, Kairuku, Meganeura I do believe the listed creatures are there on official servers. Singleplayer and non dedicated servers have busted creature spawns. Although this isn't necessarily a game breaking bug, not having access to beaver dams is quite annoying and disappointing Reddit article of currently confirmed/
  10. Beaver Dams & X Otters Singleplayer and Multiplayer do not have Beaver Dam/Castroide spawns, and the same with X Otters. I've seen countless posts online about people seeing these spawns at the ice lake, i've searched for hours and havent seen anything. As per the wiki, these creatures are supposed to be very common in that exact area.
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