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  1. i don't know when they will fix it. Linux doesn't seem to carry priority, too small a group of us to be of much concern.
  2. i have let Steam reinstall it on Proton and now it runs again, a little slower and only singleplayer, however the installation size grew from 70gb to 180gb so keep that in mind if you choose to try proton as well, you need plenty of room on your drive.
  3. Got it up and running but the installation grew to 179GB which is ridiculously big.
  4. Thanks for the info. i ran this game for months without any problems on this machine before it crashed three weeks ago after a major update, i haven't been able to get it up and running since. i'm going to try Proton and see if i can get the game up and running. The grand kids like single player game so the bug shouldn't affect me too much.
  5. Does ark run in wine as native linux wont run the game any longer i've been trying to get Ark back up and running now the game has developed a bug on native Linux, so now i thought why not install a new copy of the game on wine? But will it work? Any one tried it?
  6. Same error very disappointed with the developers of this game. Its been weeks since i played it. diagnostics.txt
  7. A big disappointment the update didn't fix my issue. Still at square one. The game dies 10 seconds after it loads. Please can someone fix this problem? diagnostics.txt
  8. Ark is updating right now! Keeping fingers crossed.
  9. Ark crashes since last update Ever since the update two weeks ago Ark hasn't been running on my pc. The grand kids who have been playing the game for many months already have been most disappointed they couldn't play the game any more. i filled in a bug report but haven't heard anything else about people having problems or how to fix it. i'm using Steam on Ubuntu 18.04. The diagnostic.txt file is a crash report from the game. Can any one help me or let me know when the newest patches are coming out? Thanks diagnostics.txt
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