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  1. I hope the event and the colorfull Dinos comes to Primitive+ servers !!! PLEASE !!!
  2. The Double Breeding EVO EVENT doesent work at the Primitive+ server - WHY ?? ?
  3. There is NO event on the Primitive + servers !! It is not nice that we are disadvantaged here ?
  4. Primitive+ PVE Servers not work The Primitive+ PVE Servers doesent work - Why ?? I hope they fix it soon !!!
  5. I am unable to download or find my old survivor
  6. Lost player on Primitive + It is not possible for me to log in to Primitives with my old character! With my tribemember it is no problem, he is logged in with his account!
  7. First of all thank you that the Primitive + server is running again! But I log on to my card and have to start from scratch! I am not logged in as my old character! ? The tribe is gone, all dinosaurs are gone 100th hours of work are gone! Can't the server be reset on the day of shutdown?
  8. The red bar above is gone, but the P + servers on the PS4 are still down ? What's going on here ?
  9. The red bar above is gone, but the P + servers on the PS4 are still down ? What's going on here ? Update ??
  10. Hundreds of people are waiting for the Primitive + Server to finally start up again. It has been down for over 1 week and I think that nothing will happen again this weekend ? I played it for a while on the P + PVE Iseland server with my son. A nice base built up, many animals tamed and bred and the most important thing I find, the community and the people there very friendly and helpful together! No matter which server we traveled back and forth together (to Ragnarok, Aberation, Center, ...) it was always a friendly and great atmosphere! I very much hope that something will soon move at the s
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