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  1. can't look at map in hand with aim button In inventory causing a lot of lag Wyvern eggs not losing hp Supply drops are bugged and only giving primitive gear in all including red And these are all bugs not on the Genesis maps
  2. Hi. Has anyone had the issue when taming the forest titan that when you get to the last node to tame it vanishing it literally dematerialized in from of our tribe mate with a pink glow, is this meant to happen? I have a video but it's to large to post
  3. I would say between now and the end of summer they probably all asleep lol
  4. Would be really nice if when it comes time to add in events they get qa checked instead of leaving it for days and no one can play the game. I must say though I am impressed at how company's that make games like to throw money away everytime they do an update ?
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