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  1. Map Valguero_p not downloaded PS4 Everytime I try to join my player dedicated server through invite it says "Valguero_p not downloaded" what does that mean and what is the fix?? Happening since Genesis launch...
  2. My Player Ded Server drops everytime I search I have a weird problem and searching for fixes has led to nothing. So I have a second Ps4 and run a player dedicated server on Valguero. Ever since Genesis dropped we have been having issues joining the server. Invites no longer work they just say "the map Valguero_p has not been downloaded" but there is no download for it on PS4...so we have to use the search function to join. My friends can all find it on the list and join it no problem, but the second i select "Join Ark" and select to search for Player Dedicated the server drops everyone in it
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