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  1. many servers keep crashing and the WC is playing looking for Noglin, instead of focusing on the biggest problems, they fix hanging leaves
  2. I've seen Wildcard work in these cases, exactly as you say, you have to kill all the bosses yourself again. in many cases the player is faster than the GM
  3. About an hour ago Ragna42 had fallen a few seconds after my transfer, back online my character lvl 141 no longer exists, Thanks for the good job WC
  4. sit on the Parasaurus and whistle for them to stop following it
  5. the generator can work, for example it is enough that the floor under the refrigerator has a faster breakdown time and everything placed on it will be destroyed
  6. I think you have found a base with exhausted decay time
  7. also 651 l same situation, crash kick ping 250+
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